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It’s a traffic fiasco

THE article ‘Calls for Pedestrian Crossing’ doesn’t tell the whole story.

THE article ‘Calls for Pedestrian Crossing’ doesn’t tell the whole story. The actual use of the road is far different.

There have been no pedestrian accidents but there have been many near misses with buses speeding and on the wrong side of the road.

Secondly, there may be a 20mph speed limit but many users do not adhere to that.

Thirdly, in practice it is not only buses and taxis that use that road meaning there is much more traffic than was planned for, and visibility isn’t good when there are many buses present.

The stretch of road that is only for buses is also used by taxis on a regular basis and many ordinary motorists on a regular basis.

Parking on pavements severely restricting access for pedestrians and disabled also regularly blocking the dropped kerb areas.

Vehicles are also regularly parking within bus stop areas. The police and the council are well aware of the situation.

John Kesterton

Stella Croft, Chelmsley Wood


Ruined my day

COULD I take this opportunity to ‘thank’ the ‘person’ who hit my car whilst parked on Friday, February 19. Having booked a day off work to take my son sledging in Hillfield Park, I left my silver Vectra Estate in the small car park off Monkspath Hall Road near the junction of Thornton Road.

At some time between 10:45am and 12 noon somebody hit my car smashing the rear light and scratching the rear nearside wing. You must have realised you had done it. Needless to say no note was left. If you are reading this, you know who you are and you know what you did. Thanks for ruining my day.

David Humphris

Whitford Drive, Shirley



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