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If as ‘sons and daughters’ of God whatever name he is known by and we were all pulling ‘together’ for the future of this world and If the world was a sentient being, which parts of the Earth correspond to which part of your body?

If as ‘sons and daughters’ of God whatever name he is known by and we were all pulling ‘together’ for the future of this world and If the world was a sentient being, which parts of the Earth correspond to which part of your body? Your creators. Our blood, our life force, so similar to that of the oceans. Oceans are composed of 75 per cent water, as is the human form.

The minerals themselves, another comparison. Are not the elements found in the body that are also found in the Earth? Physical man was created from the Earth; Spiritual Man from the Creative forces.The Earth contains electromagnetic, electrostatic, thermal, etheric and other bodies, as does the human form.

Meridians found on the human form may also be found on the Earth. Next we would look at greater tributaries - rivers, streams. These relate to the various arteries,capillaries of the body. The rain forest regions of Earth, the lungs.

The liquid crystal core of the Earth - the Heart. Its beat, 7.8 cycles per second, will be found to exist in the chest cavity of the human form. These correlations are the reason that when there is disturbance in the Earth, the human form reacts.....symbiosis!

Caroline Knight, Christian and respector of all beliefs


Selling salvation

After celebrating Easter,the most important weekend in the Christian calendar, I still find it hard to believe that the Christadephians still missed the point, as I was driving past the Christadephian hall in Bills Lane, displayed on their notice board were these words,the unfinished work of Jesus.

I was flabbergasted! Don’t they realise this was what the miracle of the cross was all about, as he hung there he looked up to heaven and said “It Is Finished,” then he gave up his Soul.

The letter by Stephen Linstead of St Alphege was very depressing; we know the story, but we as sinners should be happy for the cost of our redemption.

The annual St Alphege fayre I hope everybody had a good time with the morris dancers, music, cheeky jester, and so on but how much salvation did you sell?

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley


Storm in a teacup

“calm down dear, calm down,” not particularly funny, but “oh dear” what a storm in a teacup, our Labour mps want to whip up. David Cameron wasn’t being sexist, or patronizing, he thought he was being funny, and although it might have brought laughter from his Tory toffs front bench, it was neither funny or original, and to be honest the Labour furore has now turned this rather insipid little slur into a political row, that does little to enhance their standing as a serious political opposition and shows that they are still the party that hides behind the PC slur gang.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood


Don’t use it

My car was the victim of a violent unprovoked attack (ie, my door was kicked, dented and incurred £400 worth of repair damage) all because I gestured to a man to stop using his mobile phone whilst driving. This was on December 13, 2010. I have pursued this via the proper channels with the Police and attended an identity pararde.

I have been told by the Police that I incorrectly identified the scum in question. He walks. However, I was also told by the officer dealing with this that the exchange of words with the culprit went along the lines of “You know it was you, I know it was you, just own up” . He refused, added “you’ve not got enough evidence”.

So, someone whose career seems to be crime, walks. I uphold the law. I remind the scum not to use his phone whilst driving and I get the punishment.

It is about time that people woke up to the danger of using a mobile phone whilst driving. I find the worst culprits are “white van men” and young women in flash cars.

Incidentally, no one likes it when I tell them, gesture or signal to “get off that phone”, but then again, Police officers don’t like to have to inform a family that a loved one is dead. What is more important .... life, or making a phone call to say “I’m on the way” Everyone - Get real.

Robin Humphrey


Get the facts right

I FOUND the attitude of Jane Jackson (director of Solihull Chamber of Commerce) typically patronising towards the north of the borough (Business Times).

All you people think that trouble begins and ends north of the A45, but as your story on page 5 last week pointed out her facts are out of date and you southerners must wake up to the fact that north Solihull isn’t the den of iniquity you like to paint it.

Chelmsley Wood and proud, via e-mail



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