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It’s disgraceful

I am expecting my third child in June and I live on the West Midlands/Warwickshire border 15 minutes from Solihull hospital on a good run.

I am expecting my third child in June and I live on the West Midlands/Warwickshire border 15 minutes from Solihull hospital on a good run.

The more children you have the quicker labour is, so I will now be expected to travel to Heartlands about 30 minutes away. What if I need to get to the hospital in rush hour - I could be looking at least 45 minutes. Good Hope is 35 minutes on a good run, quickest route is the M42, again what about in rush hour?

How can this be considered a safer alternative to what Solihull offers now?

I have been reading in the Solihull News February 5 about insufficient parking at Heartlands. So not only could I be stuck in rush hour in labour, once I make it to the hospital we may not be able to park.

I think it is an absolute disgrace that these decisions can be taken without consulting the people that it effects most, ie the staff and the moms.

Name and address supplied


Bunch of camels

IT IS said that the camel was the outcome of a horse designed by a committee. But now, Heart of England Foundation Trust Board have laid claim that they have devised a new clinical care regime that has transformed the natural process of childbirth, which has served our species for millennia, into a 75 per cent risk activity. Simple question will you resign en-bloc now, or will you wait for the Audit Commission Report.

If the Audit finds patient record evidence that 75 per cent is a true reflection of performance, then the board should summarily be dismissed en-bloc for gross professional incompetence and neglect of public duty.

If the Audit does not find patient record evidence that 75 per cent is a true reflection of performance, then the board should be summarily dismissed en-bloc for pre-meditated conspiracy to deceive, and publication of statements calculated to dishonestly mislead the community and its MP representatives.

It is gloves off time Mrs Spelman, contact the Audit Commission this day!




Ruined our play

I WRITE in response to Aileen Cox’s letter re the “new” Hillfield Park.

If the person who designed the new play area ever reads this, please take some time to answer the below:

1. Why remove the steps to the slides? Since their removal my daughter has nearly cracked her head open by slipping on the side mats and holding onto to slide when the slide was cold and wet. As Aileen states it won’t be too long before something serious happens. My son, having managed the first obstacle of climbing up the mat, got scared at the top of the slide. I attempted “the climb” but couldn’t get enough grip on my boots (flat sensible ones), so he was left sobbing until I climbed round and walked up the mudslide of a slope to get him. Simple answer put the steps back in. If the concrete of the steps were an issue, use the log style step up ones like in Shirley Park, it’s not difficult.

2. Why remove the fence enclosing the play area? One of the main reasons we used to use this park, was that it was enclosed and dogs could not get in.

Yet another wise decision by someone, means dogs off their leads bound into the play area, racing round, shoving into young children, spoiling the play. So now as well as the risk of the slide, we have getting scared to death or bit by a dog.

Needless to say these comments have been echoed by many visitors. Sadly I have stopped taking my children there, which is a great shame as they used to get so excited of going to “the big slide park” as they fondly have called it.

Sue John



Waitrose too big

LET’S be clear about the proposed Waitrose supermarket in Knowle. The development is supposed to be about enhancing and improving a Conservation Area, not about how happy or not people are with their present supermarket.

Kimberley developments approached Waitrose - rather than any other chain - to be the main part of their development. The reason must be: people like Waitrose, therefore they’ll back the plan. But that doesn’t make it right for Knowle!

In fact as has been said - the store is far too big for Knowle. The parking, deliveries and impact on the village have not been convincingly explained. Knocking down the village hall and ten residential homes and trying to squeeze them in other places shows it just does not fit.

Surely there must be a better way to enhance the historic village centre?

J Royle

via email


Ideal partnership

WHETHER or not it would be advisable to build a new Waitrose store in Knowle, I have often thought that its existing store in Hall Green is in the wrong location because Waitrose has an award winning regard for animal welfare and traditional farming methods.

As Knowle is in a farming area and has a long history of respecting tradition and preserving its character, I would have thought that they would be more of a suitable match than either Tesco or Sainsbury’s. As the proposed location will not be seen from its largely unspoilt high street there may not be too big an issue with regard to it defacing the local environment.

John Brightling

Rectory Gardens, Solihull


Think twice

AFTER reading so many letters regarding supermarkets wanting to invest in Knowle and Dorridge - just take a walk along Shirley High Street and I’m sure you will know how to vote!

Is there anyone out there that knows when the new transformation of Shirley High Street is going to begin?

Come on Solihull Council and Asda or whoever is investing in the project, you have given Chelmsley Wood a facelift now you know Shirley is very much older in years and more than ever needs something doing with it and in fact if it wasn’t for the free parking I don’t think anyone would bother to come to Shirley at all.

A big thank you to all the people who objected to the regeneration project, I hope you are pleased with the results. The irony is that most of the ‘independent’ shops that these people so wanted to protect, have gone - ie Stanway DIY is now a flattened piece of land, surrounded with a high fence, covered in graffiti, I suppose just waiting for the right price to build some flats.

J Jones, via e-mail



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