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It's party time as babies celebrate first milestone

POSSIBLY one of the largest joint birthday parties ever held took place right here in Solihull at the weekend.

Children all celebrating their first birthday at the Oliver Bird Hall in Solihull

POSSIBLY one of the largest joint birthday parties ever held took place right here in Solihull at the weekend.

The Oliver Bird Hall, on Church Hill Road, played host to a special first birthday party for over 30 children, who were all due in February last year.

Laura Ketley, who has relatives who live in Knowle, was given the massive task of organising the event, which brought together the large group of friends - from across the UK and Ireland - who met on the internet when they were expecting.

"I know they say you meet new people when you have a baby but I never guessed I would end up meeting my best friends," said Laura, whose own daughter Kara turned one on February 24,

The women, whose babies were all due in February last year, met on parenting site Mumsnet.

"The day I found out I was pregnant I was excited but absolutely terrified - it was my first child and I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I posted an entry onto the site just asking for tips and whether anyone else was due the same time. I got some replies and it just escalated from there really. We called ourselves the February baby bus."

The mums kept in touch throughout their pregnancies, birth, raising their children and beyond.

They are just an amazing group of people, Laura added. We meet up in smaller groups regularly and have been there for each other through everything - from bereavements to wedding days.

Laura lives in Southampton but decided Solihull would be the ideal place for the party.

"I come here a lot because my family live here and I just thought it was a really nice place to hold this special occasion. We had a fantastic time, it was amazing."

And a large group of mums expecting babies around the same time is bound to bring its share of coincidences and interesting tales.

"There are a few of us who gave birth on the same day and one of the girls was expecting her seventh baby - she has been great to go to for advice of course," Laura, aged 25, said.



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