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Jane Siberry Interview

JANE Siberry has always had a unique approach to music.

JANE Siberry has always had a unique approach to music.

Known for hits such as ‘Mimi on the Beach’, ‘One More Colour’ and ‘Calling All Angels,’ the Canadian crooner said the only way to create music for love, not just commercial success, was by having her own label Sheeba Records.

“I just want what’s best for the music,” says the singer-songwriter. “If I have success commercially, that’s a bonus.”

That philosophy meant that when Siberry felt creatively ‘trapped’ in 2006, she decided the only way to free herself was by selling all of her possessions, even her Toronto home and instruments, except one travelling guitar.

She also changed her name to Issa, meaning ‘empty cup’.

But the quirky singer, who changed her name back in December 2009, said she had no regrets about her decision.

“It was important for my creative process. I had felt trapped and heavy and all kinds of things.

“So I made a strong change and it was very powerful. And I’m now back to Jane Siberry but I’m different.

“One thing I realised is that we put a lot of energy into what we have and when I gave it all away, a lot of that energy came running back to me.

“I’ve stuck to that discipline for six years.”

As with so much pop, love and heartbreak are at the core of many of her songs but Siberry says she found a lot of her musical inspiration in nature, such as with tree concept album Tree: Music for Films and Forests, while Bound By The Beauty may be the only recording on a major label to be recorded in an orchard.

“I believe that the universe talks to us through the language of nature and I’ve always trusted that,” she says

“I’m concerned for young people. Growing up in the world right now, it’s a pretty confusing and strange place. But I believe everything is there for a purpose. Maybe when they get back to that, they will really understand its value.”

Jane Siberry plays the Birmingham Glee Club on Wednesday, May 15.



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