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Job well done

HAVING seen the latest proposals by Sainsbury’s for Dorridge, it is clear that the company have done everything asked of them following the public consultation.

HAVING seen the latest proposals by Sainsbury’s for Dorridge, it is clear that the company have done everything asked of them following the public consultation.

A lower profile for the main building, a sympathetic architectural style, a public open area, more landscaping, a rebuilt doctor’s surgery, and some small shop units. What a great way to bring some life back to an area that is, quite frankly, dying on it’s feet.

Anyone objecting to this plan must surely be determined to condemn Dorridge to a slow and painful death. Offices, nailbars and hairdressers cannot be the basis for a thriving community, and will themselves only prosper when there is a reason to visit Dorridge.

As long time residents of Dorridge we have seen its slow decline. Let us hope the majority will now give the new proposals their full support.

Alan and Doris Pratt


Three cheers

Regarding Sainsbury’s Dorridge revised development plan, I would like to make three comments.

Firstly, on February 3, I accompanied my husband to a preview of the proposed revised plans by Sainsbury’s.

Simon Baker, Sainsburys’ architect presented the new project, accompanied by a three-dimensional scale model - it’s brilliant, it brings together two halves to form one Dorridge centre in sympathy with the Station Approach Conservation Area 1992.

I would like to congratulate the Sainsbury’s team who are working very hard to please the residents of Dorridge. I was however appalled by some members of DROVS as to how rude and arrogant they were.

Secondly, we keep using he world ‘village’ referring to Dorridge - Dorridge is hardly a village, it is a suburban community. Presently there is no focal point.

Thirdly, the traffic issue, well, I’m sorry to say we only have ourselves to blame, we are too idle to walk. When Dorridge had the extreme weather just prior to Christmas everybody walked to do their shopping - we had a real community atmosphere.

So, come on DROVS stop being so negative and stop living in the past and start thinking about the generations to come.

Annette Radnall, A Dorridge resident for 23 years


Open the book

I WAS dismayed to read in your paper that an on-line vote had suggested that library funding should be cut. We all know that savings must be made but to close libraries would be a disaster if we wish to enrich our young people and also improve social mobility.

Though raised by a widowed mother of very slender means, I was still able, courtesy of my local library, to devour knowledge and enter university (the first in my family to do so).

Moreover, libraries are not just gateways to a better life but to other worlds of the mind.

I appreciate that those who voted on-line had focused on other vital services but would suggest that, by the nature of the survey, they are screen rather than paper led. No society that calls itself civilised should close libraries which act as invaluable social and educational facilities for everyone regardless of age, creed or class.

Once shut, they will be lost forever.

J Kerley, Solihull



TO the person/persons who smashed my double glazed lounge window on Friday night at around 10-10pm is there an issue that I am not aware of? If so, how about we discuss it face to face and you can apologise if required.

If there is no particular reason other than fun may I suggest you obtain counselling sooner rather than later for what is obviously a somewhat disturbed mental state.

Steve R, School Lane



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