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Just the tonic

WE would like to express our full support for the Sainsburys development of Forest Court in Dorridge.

WE would like to express our full support for the Sainsburys development of Forest Court in Dorridge.

The letter from David and Anne Carey published in your paper of July 22 was a succinct endorsement of the plan with which we heartily agree.

In brief we believe that the centre of Dorridge would be revitalised with a mix of shopping, dining and community services and an improved visual aspect. In addition local residents would be able to walk to carry out their shopping, thereby saving on fuel and being eco-friendly, as well as improving their own health by exercise.

Dr J A and Mrs R C Zoro, Dorridge Road, Dorridge


What we need

I HAVE never written to a newspaper before but am moved to do it now because I am a concerned at all the publicity your papers always seems to give to the Dorridge Residents Opposed to Village Superstore campaign against the proposed Sainsbury’s development. The impression given is that they speak for thousands of Dorridge residents. Well they don’t speak for me and lots of my friends and neighbours.

I have lived in Dorridge for over 30 years, and whilst I regret the passing of the time when Dorridge was smaller and the shops were a central part of a thriving community I realise that, for a long time, this has not been the case.

Sainsbury’s have listened to concerns about the size of their original plans and what they are now planning looks as though it could provide, once again, a centre and a reason for visiting Dorridge, instead of getting in the car and driving to Knowle or Monskpath. In that way I think it is more likely that we will recover some of the heart of Dorridge because it will give it a new life and stop the spiral of decline that has become the centre for several years now.

M Boole, Dorridge Road, Dorridge


Sooner the better

I HAVE been a resident of Dorridge for 45 years - living in Station Road. I would like to see Sainsbury’s receive planning permission for their proposed development. The sooner this is accomplished the better.

The vocal minority should not prevail against 67 per cent support for the plans.

Name & address supplied


Time to wake up

I’VE just received a letter from Solihull council with the following words typed on the envelope - ‘This communication may affect your property’.

The contents concern Sainsbury’s latest plans for the development of Forest Court and knowing the implications of this scheme, I think the entire village should be notified that the planned superstore will undoubtedly affect us and not only our property, it’s also our travel, our parking, our road-safety and our children’s safety, our peace and quiet and our environment – ie our entire lifestyle.

Sainsbury’s are here for profit, not people. On the face of it one might think that it’s good news to have this store at the heart of our village because we will be relieved of the eyesore that is Forest Court.

Do we residents fully understand the price of this ‘convenience’? It’s not the store per se that is the problem it is the size of it. A food store with a maximum of double the size of Tesco in Knowle would be able to offer a wider range of everyday provisions in a well-planned premises.

The surrounding retail units would revitalise the heart of our community without letting Sainsbury swamp us. The solution is a smaller store.

Wake up Dorridge – or smell the fumes!

Lynn Lawrenson via e-mail


Study ignored

WAITROSE say they have reduced the Knowle store size plan to make it more appropriate in size for the village. However, it is still 12,500 sqft.

In 2009 the council published the ‘Solihull Retail, Leisure & Offices Study’ which forecast that Knowle would need an extra 590sqft of store floor area in 2011, rising to 860 sq ft by 2026. Thus Waitrose are proposing a store which even in 15 years time will be 50 per cent too large for the village.

An over-large store will only pull in shoppers from outside Knowle, making the local roads and car parks even more congested.

We all paid for the council study through local taxes and Waitrose have chosen to ignore it.

Bob James, via


Go elsewhere

YES, Waitrose would be most welcome - but not in the middle of Knowle, with all its parking problems.

If Waitrose went in to where Thackers Nursery used to be in Hampton Road, with plenty of space for parking, Hampton-in-Arden shoppers too, would have easy access and it would leave Knowle as a village.

JC by email


A free service

TO all the people living in Olton moaning about the scrap metal merchants I would say live and let live. I know several people who have been glad of them, taking their scrap away, and they don’t charge you anything, unlike the council. At least they are trying to earn a living so put some music on and listen to that and get a life.

B Horton, Shirley



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