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Katie Baldock is our Mum in a Million runner up.

YOUNG mum Katie Baldock was a close second in our search...

YOUNG mum Katie Baldock was a close second in our search...

Nursing student Katie was nominated for her determination to become a role model for her children Joshua and Amelia, despite dropping out of school as a pregnant teen.

Grandmother Sharon, wrote on behalf of Joshua, aged three: “Before we were born she didn’t know where she wanted to go and [was] on the wrong track of life.

“She was 17 when I came along and 18 when she had my sister. She is a single parent and had her quota of nasty comments and looks from people who walked past her in the street.

“The stigma attached to single, teenage mothers is very hurtful but people don’t realise the harm. We turned her life around. She went to evening school and studied GCSEs whilst looking after us. After succeeding in them, she decided she wanted to become a nurse. She knew the long hours, hard work that it involved but that didn’t seem to put her off.

“She works hard and always looks tired but she still has time for us, she tells us stories before we go to bed, plays and always helps us learn.

“It doesn’t matter how tired she is, she always finds the energy to do all these things and always tells us just how much she is proud of us and her hugs are amazing. She still puts up with the comments, looks and it hurts her a lot but she carries on.”

Now 21, the Shirley mum-of-two is in her final year of university and is determined to show her children they can be anything they want.

“She should be an inspiration to all teenage single parents that it doesn’t matter how hard life can be and the stigma, comments and looks people give, you can always reach your dream,” Sharon added.



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