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Kindness is the way to combat terror

RECENTLY we saw the unmitigated evil and carnage that a handful of people can wreak.

Following a mix up last week, this week we are printing two Faith Matters columns.

RECENTLY we saw the unmitigated evil and carnage that a handful of people can wreak. For almost three days a great and powerful city was under virtual siege, a brave army and police force were held at bay.

While the world watched in horror they unleashed death and destruction, horrors unimaginable, destroying lives, maiming humans and transforming day and light into darkness and cold. They were able to do it because the hate and evil that warped their minds and hearts was so deep and so unlimited that nothing would stop them.

We hear talk constantly about the war on terror. ­I’m not a military strategist. ­I’m not a political scientist, but it seems pretty clear to me that you can’t fight terror with guns and rockets. Terrorists maybe, but terror? Terror you fight with kindness. Darkness you fight with light.

Evil you fight with good. And with every fibre of our being we believe that good is greater and more powerful than evil.

That isn’t a job for armies. That isn’t the obligation of governments. It isn’t the mandate of nations.

It is the responsibility of every single one of us. ­The symbol of our battle is not a gun or a tank. ­It’s a candle. To fight it with dedication, with passion and with a commitment not to give up.

As we confront the tragic reality that there are many, many children of India this very night crying, for mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters slaughtered for no reason other than that they were human beings created in the Image of G-d.

And so we turn to our brothers and sisters in the family of man and certainly to the sons and daughters of India; your pain is our pain, your anguish is our anguish ­together each and every one of us needs to light those candles of kindness and say clearly we will make this a good and warm world.

That is an obligation that we all share, all six billion of us as human beings created in G-d’s image and recipients of His guidance. Good deed after good deed, person after person, one at a time but increasing exponentially, until inevitably we change the world we have into one truly filled with light and warmth.

Rabbi Yehuda Pink MSc, Solihull & District Hebrew Congregation,



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