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Learning the three kinds of patience

The Islamic faith teaches us that there are three kinds of patience.

The Islamic faith teaches us that there are three kinds of patience.

Patience in dealing with tribulations, patience in continuing to do good and patience in resisting disobedience.

Last Saturday I returned from a 10 day expedition, where I climbed the world’s third highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro and it is from this great mountain, that I learnt lessons in all three.

During the 10 days of walking, we encountered temperatures below -15 degree celsius and had to deal with very basic toilet facilities and limited supplies of water. By enduring this limited hardship for these few days, we experienced what millions of people struggle with each day and the patience they endure.

The climbing required us to continue walking for between 6 to 14 hours a day and involved us traversing over 60 miles of land with a depleting supply of oxygen. The stamina that we developed as a result of this will hopefully help us to be more patient when doing good and not to tire too easily.

It was a humbling experience to climb such a magnificent mountain and we hope to become people of patience now that we have returned, for Allah says in the Quran “Surely the patient will be paid their reward in full without reckoning” (Quran 39:10).

Marwan Ghannam

Building Bridges Islamic Initiative



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