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Left standing

ARE any other Solihull/ Dorridge/ Bentley Heath residents having as much trouble with the S2 and S3 bus service as we are?

ARE any other Solihull/ Dorridge/ Bentley Heath residents having as much trouble with the S2 and S3 bus service as we are?

Now operated by Signature Buses, I find this completely unreliable service has resulted in my daughter arriving late or missing lessons at college on several occasions.

A lack of provision in the early morning means that buses are full by the time they get to our stop, or sometimes half- full buses drive past her!

We have also had several instances (at various times of the day) when buses just do not turn up at all or are very late.

I have tried to ’phone Signature about this and when I am lucky enough for someone to answer, they do not seem to take the problem seriously or say that no-one else has complained!

Please can we all pull together and phone Signature on 0121 322 2222, speak to Ian Pollard or Philippa Holder and then maybe we can get something done!

To add insult to injury I was told that I would not be allowed a pro-rata refund on the six monthly pass I have paid for in advance!

Bentley Heath Resident


What a drag

HAVE employers at the National Grid office in Homer Road considered encouraging their staff to give up smoking?

Each day groups of smokers, wearing their Grid ID badges, can be seen congregating at the Homer Road entrance to Tudor Grange Park, blocking both the pedestrian and cycle lane.

Those of us entering the park to enjoy some fresh air or visit the leisure centre to improve our fitness cannot avoid these people, their smoke nor the sight of the cigarette ends.

Diane, Solihull


Not good

DORRIDGE Residents Opposed to Village Superstore were grateful to be represented at the workshop on behalf of those residents who opposed the scale of the original scheme to redevelop Forest Court.

The workshop however, as a means of allowing participation in re-sizing the original design, was a failure.

Sainsbury’s presented a revised scheme with a sales floor area of approximately 19,000ft². Whilst the architectural design was much improved, the proposed sales floor area demonstrates that local opinion has been ignored.

Residents had been asked to indicate their preferred size from a list of local stores. At the workshop the answer was presented as those in favour of a sales area greater than 15,000ft² and those in favour of less than 15,000ft², when it would appear the majority of residents who responded want a store the same as Tesco in Knowle (approximately 6,000ft²) or smaller!

One of the positive spin-offs of the original scheme was a new doctors’ surgery. Unfortunately, we were informed that a new surgery cannot be funded by the reduced store size - even at 19,000ft².

Merging the issues of the new store with village healthcare provision only serves to detract from what should be the sole focus and that is store size and design. Obviously a new or refurbished surgery would be a most welcome development but a Sainsbury’s operation of superstore proportions, as a condition for investment in our healthcare, would be a disaster.



EU? No thanks

WITH regard to Steve Hall’s letter last week where he suggests that as we had a vote on EU membership 35 years ago another is not needed.

I was one of those who voted and what we voted for was to be part of a trading partnership not a political machine that gobbles up slices of government and erodes our democracy.

When he doubts the result would be any different he obviously hasn’t kept abreast of the polls since, all of which have been heavily weighted on the side of ‘no thanks’.

Ken Gillies via Email



COUNCILLOR Ken Meeson, Leader of the Conservative Group in Solihull Council (Letters) in error rather than political posturing, I hope, cites me as a UKIP MEP who ‘heads up’ Samra. I am an Independent MEP representing the West Midlands. I have at no point ‘headed up’ Samra; I was privileged to be their parliamentary candidate in the General Election and remain a supporter of their aims for ordinary people taking control of politics from the failed established LibLabCon.

Ken Meeson would be better looking to the failings of his own party in Solihull in particular that despite large donation from non-dom - tax dodger, Lord Ashcroft, they failed to take back a safe Tory seat and lost control of the council.

Nikki Sinclaire MEP



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