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Let’s have Waitrose

IN support of the Waitrose Application at Knowle. I agree with everything Rob Ericsson says in his recent letter.

IN support of the Waitrose Application at Knowle. I agree with everything Rob Ericsson says in his recent letter.

As a regular (over a decade!) shopper at Waitrose, Hall Green my car mileage will drop dramatically and thus save on my Co2 footprint.

Carole Morrey



An atheist speaks

THIS week (April 2) a letter from Margaret Sealey, saying the Bible was written by people witnessing the work of God. When was He spotted doing his work then? Perhaps they were writing about witnessing the works of Jesus....Really? Who was their publisher at the time? Am I wrong in thinking that the earliest we’ve managed to go on this subject, is the ‘dead sea scrolls’? If so, where were these witnesses writings stored? The Bible is the work of man, well after the events that supposedly happened.

This week, I had the Jehovah’s Witnesses bothering me at home again. When I told them I was an atheist, one of them asked me why I chose to become an atheist, as nobody is born an atheist. Really! Can anyone tell me of any birth, where a child was born believing in God?.... I thought not. Pure brainwashing after the event.

Let no one tell me that their religion is the right one, because as sure as eggs are eggs, even if one were right, most of them are wrong.

Colin Birks via e-mail


It’s freedom

I WOULD ask JR Nurcombe if light travels in straight lines, waves or particles? (A matter that has been much debated in scientific circles).

Apparent randomness or freedom of movement of atoms and subatomic particles does not preclude the fact that they have to act within the limits or structure of their nature, and are therefore to some extent determined or ruled by causation. Human beings also are free within the confines of their nature.

If the natural world was not related by cause and effect there would be absolutely nothing for scientists to look for. Why do scientists apply statistics to their results? To exclude a random happening and confirm causation, surely?

It seems to me that God has given everything in His creation a marvellous freedom within its nature and how it must relate to everything else in the cosmos.

Margaret Sealey via e-mail


Evidence first

MARGARET Sealey misunderstands the nature of science and the way it works when she writes, “Even scientists have to believe other scientists!”

Belief has nothing to do with it; the whole point of the scientific method is that hypotheses and theories are not trusted and accepted by fellow scientists until experiments or further observations have supported and, more importantly, not contradicted, the theory. Only then does the ‘theory’ come to be the currently accepted truth for fellow scientists, who are only too ready to modify or abandon it should new contradictory evidence come to light.

This is why “Evolution through Natural Selection” is no longer “just a theory” – all the evidence and fossils amassed since the time of C. Darwin and A.R. Wallace has substantiated and supported their insight.

In the 150 years since the Linnaean Society meeting, when their papers outlining how they had independently arrived at the conclusion ‘that differential survival of individuals could lead to changes which would ultimately produce new species’ were first read to the world, not one fact has come to light which seriously threatens this idea. This is all very different from dogmatic religious belief. To quote Barbara Smoker, “Believers are glad to invoke scientific facts to back up their beliefs, but if the facts let them down, it is the mark of the true believer to jettison the facts not the faith.”

John Edwards

Welford Road



Some answers

GOOD heavens, so many to answer and no space to do it, but to answer the question posed by C Darwin (Letters).

God gave Noah the measurements to build the ark, and by the way I don’t think much of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

I cannot make head nor tale of what MG Hughes is trying to say, has he/she swallowed a dictionary, please MG Hughes a bit more clarity might be nice. Margaret Sealey we surely don’t have to believe, politicians, lawyers, scientist and motor mechanics - the world is full of deceit and lies, the Bible says to obey those who govern us, but as we have seen in past years the situation has gone from bad to worse, God’s word is all we can trust.

Mr Steve Hall, in the gospels we are told to go out into all the world and tell people the good news of the gospel, the good news that we celebrate at Easter, that man be reconciled to God. Steve. there is a saying - you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, and it’s the same as Christianity, you could go to church on Sunday for the next 100 years and you may never become a Christian,you have to be convicted by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you all

P Thomas

Baxters Rd



A tidy sum

THOSE political candidates who cannot find anything positive to say about their own campaign invariably resort to saying negative things about their opponents. It is therefore disappointing that the town’s MP seems to be relying on negative campaigning.

The leading article in the Solihull Courier, the Liberal Democrat newspaper, refers to part of the funding provided to the Conservative campaign, rather arrogantly suggesting that the votes of the people of Solihull can be bought.

However the article fails to mention a rather relevant point - that the incumbent Liberal Democrat MP has had access of up to £50,000 of a taxpayers’ funded communications allowance which is not available to any of her opponents.

David Price via e-mail



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