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The right road

The right road

I WAS pleased to note that Solihull council are considering innovative proposals to create an environment which is more attractive to the many ordinary people who would like to use a bike for short local utilitarian journeys instead of contributing to the increasing traffic congestion by driving a vehicle.

Whilst it is often too crowded in pedestrianised areas for safe cycling, experience in other towns and cities throughout the UK and Europe has shown that cyclists recognise this and voluntarily dismount and push their bikes at such times. This self regulating behaviour makes it unnecessary to ban cycling completely at all times.

The suggestion that cycling could be permitted in Solihull High Street except at the busiest times ( say 10am to 4pm ), possibly for a trial period initially, is a sensible one, contrary to the spurious scaremongering cries from those who rant about “ boy racers “ flattening the elderly, mothers and children.

Such anti-social behaviour is already illegal anyway and can and should be prevented by existing legislation backed up by more effective enforcement.

It is unfortunate that the failure to provide a high quality continuous cycle network (which SMBC admit in their own Solihull infrastructure delivery plan) results in more cautious law abiding cyclists being faced with the choice of whether to ride in pedestrian areas or on unsafe sections of the highway.

B Jameson, Solihull

Pavement danger

WITH regard to the letters in support of cycling in Solihull town centre.

While walking in this area one morning a young lad, presumably on his way to Solihull Sixth Form, nearly rode into me. I was lucky enough to be able to move out of the way quick enough - but an older person possibly would not have been so lucky! I’m not anti-cycling - far from it, but pavements are for pedestrians not bikes - more cycle paths need to be provided!

But who was the idiot at the council who instigated the cycle path along Lode Lane that ends abruptly outside Lode Heath School?

A Solihull resident

Don’t pay it

MYSELF and two friends met at McDonalds, Shirley and we all inadvertently left our cars on the car park over the time limit. Three parking charges were duly issued - £50 if paid within 14 days otherwise £100.

Although I had been the last to arrive and the first to leave I acknowledged that I had overstayed by 23 minutes. Accordingly, I paid the £50 charge. My friends refused to pay and have had their charge waived.

I duly took the matter up with McDonalds HQ as clearly we should all be treated the same. Their senior customer services manager has declined to make a refund whilst also stating that McDonalds have to ‘maintain a consistent approach’.

I have given McDonalds ample opportunity to correct the obvious injustice but they have declined to do so. Instead, the very clear message is sent out that it pays to refuse to pay the parking charge.

Graham Handley via e-mail

Full of praise

AS a male patient of Mr Paterson in 2001 at Solihull Hospital, I would like to add my praise for the care and treatment he gave me for my breast cancer.

After my operation he came after working hours to my bedside on the ward to check on my recovery, and he helped with the supervision of post surgery treatment.

I will never be able to thank him enough for everything he’s done for me .

M Bakewell, Shirley

Safety last

COMMENTS from Pat Joyce and A Cole (Letters) about cyclists using footpaths and pedestrian areas in Solihull has prompted me to recall an incident involving me a few weeks ago.

I was walking along Streetsbrook Road when I was “warned” by two cyclists coming up behind me, one of whom used her bell to prompt me to step aside to give them priority!

They both were wearing safety helmets, presumeably to prevent injury to themselves.

This change in priorities leads me to ask if the roads are for cars and pavements are for cyclists then where do pedestrians walk in safety?

Pete Thorp via e-mail

Be patient

AS a driver and a pedestrian could I please ask my fellow motorists who are travelling towards the Warwick Road to be more considerate of the people crossing on the zebra crossing just outside St Alphege Church.

Early in the morning - it’s mainly students and town centre workers who cross the road here - and I’m fed up of bad tempered people zooming across the crossing without stopping or creeping towards me while I’m still crossing the road even though I walk really fast.

Whether you like it or not it’s a motoring offence to not stop at pedestrian crossings when there are people wanting to cross.

A Solihull town centre worker

Chance to improve

I FIRST came to live in Shirley in 1950, which at the time had a thriving shopping area. Sadly I have seen many changes - not for the better I may add.

I’m rather puzzled with all the readers’ letters concerning the Ring of Oaks.

No one over the years informed me of the said trees, not even my neighbour who had lived all her life in Shirley. My son throughout his school life on the history of Shirley was not told of them.

Walking our dogs in the park we didn’t see groups of people weeding round and tending to the oaks.

It’s only since the Parkgate development that there has been all the ‘whoah’’. Where were you people in the 60s, 70s, and 80s looking after the trees - nowhere to be seen.

Shirley has to move on from too many takeaways, charity shops etc. Stop jumping on the band wagon - concentrate on more important issues to improve Shirley.

A Shirley resident

From 1d to 60p

WHAT a shocker - a 39 per cent increase on postage stamps from April 30, little wonder we are all using electronic mail and texts.

Now the only thing coming by post is letters from conmen and the Inland Revenue, but then its difficult to distinquish which is the bigger crook.

Of course there’s always a problem with the Royal Mail pension fund but that’s being solved by the government using it for a quick stitch up, and pay it back later.

This will allow its privatisation a debt for our kids and a few billion to balance the government books.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood

Lost money

A SUM of money was found on Monday, March 19 in Wychwood Avenue in Knowle. If you were the person who lost that money would you please contact the Solihull News.

Name & Address supplied

Have a hug

If I knew who you were I would hug and kiss you. Why this show of affection to a complete stranger?

Because you found my daughter’s keys in Olton and took the time and trouble to hand them into Solihull Police Station.

A big thank you, my daughter was so happy and relieved to have them returned to her.

E Banks via e-mail

Dog poo mess

I AM responding to the story about dog fouling in Hockley Heath (Solihull News). This morning after dropping my child at primary school I was horrified to see a local woman walking past the school on her mobile totally unaware that her small dog was fouling as it walked!

I did feel it was my duty to approach her, but I do feel if she is now reading this she will know who this letter is about and will be shamed without being named!

An irate Hockley Heath resident



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