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Well done Di

Well done Di

MAY I congratulate the headteacher Di Fellowes for showing the pupils how not to behave.

As for Mr Colin Evans how he and his family behave in their home is up to them but it is not acceptable in school to leave a table in such a disgusting state! It is not “demeaning” as he put it to have manners and think of others.

Well done Di Fellowes you have my full support, it is a great pity that more head teachers do not do the same.

I am a retired headteacher of many years experience.

Mike Toms, Shirley

Full support

I WANT to offer my support for Di Fellows of Lyndon School (Solihull News). At last a headteacher that has the courage to do what’s right. The pupils will benefit in the long term. I think a lot of parents will want their kids to go to a school where they will be taught to understand what is right and what is not.

K Pitt, Eastbury Drive. Olton

Need to be tough

THE punishment was not that bad. Sometimes we need to be tough so that our children will learn from their mistakes.

If one of my kids is in that group I won’t feel bad about it. In fact my kid will probably get a tougher punishment than that!

From Joy, A mother of two sometimes stubborn kids

Falling standards

I WOULD like to offer my support to the headteacher at Lyndon School. I have worked in education for eight years and have seen a sharp decline in basic manners from teenagers.

Surely if we are to produce a generation with values we must get the small things right.

I would ask parents to say ‘no’ to their children more and be firm when making decisions about their behaviour. The story used the word ‘demeaning’, it is surely ‘demeaning’ to expect adult staff to pick up a child’s litter.

N Palmer via e-mail

Out of order

I AM an ex student of Lyndon School

I think it’s disgusting what she is doing, how can children learn if they are unhappy?

Also the amount of things she has changed, such as the uniform; the children may look smart but it doesn’t mean they are getting any smarter, and they are cold as they are not allowed jackets, scarfs, gloves or hats, to or from school.

Miss Westwood (the former headteacher) was a kind woman and understood that in the cold of winter you need to wrap up warm.

Di Fellowes needs to focus on other things such as the teaching at Lyndon.

Chris Docker via e-mail

Act your age

MAY I offer my total support to Di Fellows, Lyndon School’s new head teacher.

As reported in last week’s Solihull News, Mr Colin Evans a “shocked parent” complained “they are being treated like five year olds” the simple answer then is not to behave like five year olds.

If it is a serious Elf & Safety issue eating whilst standing, or off the floor, then I no longer feel I can picnic or eat a bag of chips in the street

K J Bates, via e-mail

Right action

I AM writing to express my support for the new headteacher of Lyndon School, Di Fellowes.

If more headteachers, teachers and parents took a stand against some of the ill mannered young people of today, perhaps she would not have had the need to take such action.

Perhaps more parents should come out in support of people like Di Fellowes and show that they have had enough of the poor behaviour by some young people.

J Yates via e-mail

Manners matter

I’M sure Mr. Evans loves his daughter and respects her opinion. However if our children want to get on in life they will not do so if they have no regard for others or manners.

I know it might seem like a pretty blunt tool to use - the good being dealt with along with the bad, but, come on, do we want our children to be brought up with some sort of respect for others or not? I say, well done Head!

Name and address supplied

Here here

I FULLY support the action of the headteacher in this case.

Selwyn Bates via e-mail

Well turned out

SOME weeks ago I was in the vicinity of Tesco in Sheldon and was surprised to see a lot of smartly dressed teenagers in school uniform.

I thought at first this must be a local private school I had not come across before.

It took some time for me to realise that these were pupils from Lyndon School who had been been transformed by a bit of old-fashioned discipline applied by a new Head.

Let us hope she is allowed to continue the good work as she sees fit.

Bob Forbes, Knowle

Right and wrong

AFTER reading the article in the Solihull News Feb 10 2012) I fully agree with the decision the headteacher has made, we need to start treating children like adults and adults have to respect things that they use.

If we do not react to how the students are leaving their mess, how will they ever know what they’re doing is wrong? .

I fully respect the decision of the headteacher and hope more decisions like this are made to help students earn respect both inside and outside of the classroom.

Chris Neal via e-mail

Lesson in life

I ATTENDED Lyndon School many years ago with my sisters.

Discipline and manners were part of every day life and have served me well in my adult life. In my opinion respect for staff and fellow pupils are the start of who we are in life and we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Well done Head.

Beryl via e-mail

Triple blow

MAY I try to deal with three items from last week’s Solihull News? Firstly, reference was made to a former councillor calling on Shirley residents over his opposition to plans for houses on land at Mount Farm.

This land is not in Shirley but at Cheswick Green - which he should know as he lives there! It is also mainly land that has been allocated for housing for some 25 years and was originally to have been part of the village, until collapse of the development company. Presumably his preference would be to use precious green belt land instead of this long-term site.

The same former councillor also continues to peddle a rejected officer option on parking as council policy (Letters) but seems unaware that the true proposal for three hours free parking was opposed by his political party at Council.

They also voted against measures to free up more spaces for shoppers and encourage car sharing and use of public transport.

Finally, the article on opposition by Labour councillors to providing much needed new homes in North Solihull is astounding from a group that has constantly called for more affordable/social rented homes and claims to support the North Solihull Regeneration programme.

Even more bizarre is the confirmation by Councillor Slater (Labour – Shirley West) that he wants these homes to be built in the green belt where there are few jobs, poor public transport and limited health facilities and schools.

Ken Meeson, Leader of Council

Thank you all

I WOULD like to say thank you to the Fast Response Unit the Paramedics and the Ambulance crew who came to my aid when I needed them, also a big thank you to the emergency dept at Solihull Hospital and everyone concerned in the CCU unit Solihull. Thanks again.

Roy Eadie via e-mail

Bus disgrace

HOW much longer do we have to put up with the S3 bus service?

It is disgraceful that people are freezing when it does not turn up or it’s late.

The expression on the driver’s faces says it all, it was always blamed on the traffic, but now they blame the bus for breaking down.

I am surprised that they have got any buses left to run. Do they think we are stupid and live in Cuckoo Land?

P Askew, Knowle



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