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Light mystery

I DON’T believe in UFOs or one-eyed alien beings, but even I was surprised by what I saw in the sky at the weekend, and wonder if anyone else in Hillfield witnessed it too!?

I DON’T believe in UFOs or one-eyed alien beings, but even I was surprised by what I saw in the sky at the weekend, and wonder if anyone else in Hillfield witnessed it too!?

On Saturday night (February 21) at approximately 11.15pm, I went upstairs to bed, I looked up into the sky as there was a lovely half moon, but also a very interesting light formation.

There were four orange lights which looked like candle flames, in a diamond formation. At first I thought it was aircraft, but the close proximity of the lights, plus their orange hue caused me to think otherwise.

I called in my 16 year old daughter to have a look too.

I can honestly say, I have never witnessed anything like this before and I would be interested to hear if anyone else saw them.

Name and address supplied



I HAVE just read the editorial from Jo Burnard at Umberslade Farm Park (February 19 edition, p23), regarding their re-housing of battery farm chickens.

It prompted me to write in and let your readers know what a good job Jo and her colleagues are doing at the newly re-furbished farm. I visited on Tuesday last week, with a friend and our four year olds and we had a fabulous day out - despite the cold and a few snow flurries.

Without exception, the staff were welcoming, knowledgeable and very friendly.

So well done to Oliver, Matt, Jo and team - keep up the service levels when you become deservedly busy and you will thrive!

Gerry Biggs via e-mail


Have some faith

I LOVE to read the Faith Matters column, so imagine my disappointment when I read last week’s; if I wanted a lesson in botany I would have consulted a library book, oh I’m sorry I meant looked it up on the web.

When God created the earth, he looked at it and saw that it was good. It was only when he made man that everything went pear shaped.

The writer of this piece, David Simpson, should do some research in the mornings between seven and eight o clock - I doubt if he would find anyone refreshed or invigorated. For centuries man has raped and plundered our planet thus altering the seasons and added to the depletion of fossil fuels.

So is it too late? Well we all have our own ideas. Don’t panic - the Bible does tell us that there will be a new heaven and earth, [Revelation 21] and verse one. Also we don’t need a lesson in biology - the light we need to see is Jesus, the light of the world.

P Thomas

Baxters Rd, Shirley



T CAWTHRAY makes an excellent point (Letters). The Conservative Party keeps promising that a vote for them in Solihull means the town will have a voice in Westminster.

I lived in Solihull when the constituency not only had a Conservative MP, but also a Conservative government, and they cared not a jot for the people who had voted them in.

It was as if Solihull had elected an invisible man as its “representative”. Perhaps they are hoping everyone over the age of 25 has suddenly contracted amnesia and cannot remember how badly they treated us back then.

G Lloyd



Shorter memories

YOUR correspondent J Nurcombe (Letters, February 19) talked of people having short memories, but displayed that he and fellow Conservative sympathiser L Jones have very selective ones.

Whilst we’ve had a hard time coming through the current recession, don’t they remember the Thatcher years when we had permanent mass unemployment, sky-high interest rates and the country divided between the haves and have-nots?

That Tory government stood by and did little as our manufacturing base was wiped out, and by deregulating the financial system and encouraging building societies to turn themselves into banks sowed many of the seeds for our recent troubles.

The present Labour government may not have been perfect (no government ever will be), but it has done far more to cushion the effects of the downturn than the Tories, who if elected would inflict massive damage.

Nick Stephens

Seven Star Road, Solihull,


Perfect pint puller

HOPEFULLY you will have seen posters or voting forms for the Perfect Pint Puller competition in your local pub. You can also submit your nomination by email to Closing date for entries is Saturday, March 13.

Robert Cawte

Solihull CAMRA



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