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Looking for signs of God with Mike Crockett of Solihull Methodist Church

I WONDER how easily you find it to believe in God?

I WONDER how easily you find it to believe in God?

Christians worship a vital God. That means a God who is very much alive – a God Jesus came to announce to us with the words, ‘The Kingdom of God is among you’.

This God is encountered in the ordinary everyday events of our lives, often in unexpected ways and at inconvenient times.

The proximity of this God to us made sense to those early writers who had lived with Jesus, choosing as they did the word for air when they wanted to convey the idea of heaven. We find God in the space between us, even in the space within us. Heaven is not up there in some parallel universe but down here among us.

It is from here among us that God reaches out to us in graceful love. God’s unhurried desire (13.7 billion years and counting) for us is to fulfil our potential in this great Universe in which we find ourselves. We do feel rather small, but to God we matter as he embraces us into his ongoing work of creation.

To grow in our understanding of God we hold together, often in tension, all that science has proved to be true about creation on one hand and all that the philosophers, artists, poets, theologians and psychologists who help us to answer the questions of the immeasurable, on the other.

Sometimes I try to look out for God-signs around me. Many times I see God in nature or in the exuberance of a child. This past week I saw God in a most gracious letter written by a friend in trying circumstances. I hear God in the cries of the Syrians and in the complaints of the fieldfares as their supply of berries comes to an end.

For all that Christians get wrong in many ways, we have found in God the most profound of human experiences.

Revd Mike Crockett

Solihull Methodist Church



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