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Lording it

DOES anyone else find it a disgrace that the unelected House of Lords can vote to restrict the ‘referendum lock’ agreed by our elected Government on the future transfer of power to the EU?

DOES anyone else find it a disgrace that the unelected House of Lords can vote to restrict the ‘referendum lock’ agreed by our elected Government on the future transfer of power to the EU?

I really do not think that many people realise how far our country has succumbed to the rule of Brussels. What is it costing Britain in this time of recession, to belong to the EU.

Over all the years the EU has been in existence the finances, have never been audited. What other business would allow this to happen?

Josie Herbert via e-mail

Litter lesson

THIS is how bright the council are. Not! - They send litter pickers to clean the area before the refuse bins are collected,. Surely it’s common sense to send in the litter pickers after the bins have been emptied?

Most weeks after they have emptied the bins there’s left over litter which they haven’t bothered to pick up.

R Dalton via e-mail

Cut down

No longer travel to Texas- just come to Conker Lane Dorridge.

Despite tree preservation orders - the chainsaws have been let loose on trees which according to Solihull Council were to be thinned for health and safety reasons. The outcome is a 10 metre , 100 year old tree has been reduced to one metre. Not only was this on the boundary of the bridlepath it is also a roost site and feeding area for Pipestrelle bats,a protected species.

I sounded the alarm to the council before serious damage had occurred but the response was certainly too little too late.

I will say that not everyone expects trees to be cleared from their view - some residents have taken the trouble to apply for permission to trim and employed knowledgeable and skilled tree surgeons- which is much to their credit.

This is at least the fourth occasion when uncontrolled trimming has resulted in the demises of our glorious trees along Conker Lane. This is also the area where Solihull Council proudly announced they had planted new trees to extend the cover along the bridlepath.

Peter Jones via

Single file

Can anyone tell me how the token provision of one lane open to the public on a Monday evening justifies Tudor Grange Leisure Centre describing itself as a public amenity?

A. Green via e-mail

All for change

I WOULD just like to add my support to the views expressed in Paul Clark’s letter last week supporting the change to St Alphege Junior School’s hours.

I too have had two children go through this excellent school, however I have always thought the long lunch hour and a quarter is far too long.

Limiting lunch to 45 minutes (or even 35) results in a shorter day which must surely benefit the children.

They are more fresh to learn, and finishing earlier opens up more opportunities to get involved in after school activities.

My cousin’s children are currently at the school. He was at the school meeting last week and came out embarrassed and intimidated at some of the attitudes of a small number of parents who chose to ignore the obvious advantages to the children.

As parents we all have to juggle work and school commitments. This proposed change however is one where the advantages to the children far outweigh any short term inconvenience to parents.

Name and address supplied

Watch the prices

My only interest in doing food shopping with my wife has been to carry the bags.

Over the last few months I have noticed that what totalled £20, went to £25, then £27,to £28, and now £35, and this is only what you would call a top up shop.

I started paying closer attention to supermarket pricing; Scampi £2 per packet, then it went to £3:99 buy one get one free, wow a saving of 1p, (if you only wanted one packet £3:99).

Special offer buy a pack of nine toilet rolls, they only work out at 7p per roll more than a four pack.

The same applied to baked beans, and dog food, it was cheaper to buy four single cans than a multi pack of 4.

Shoppers please keep you eyes open.The supermarkets swap and change their so called special offers very quickly.

OH!! the scampi has now gone to £4:18 B.O.G.O.F. or should I say ‘bog off’.

K.J.Bates via e-mail

Police surplus

with all the police cuts and forced redundancies for police officers with 30 or more years service, how can the police give £1 million towards speed cameras? There must be a surplus of funds some where.

Brian Grove, Jillcott Road, Solihull



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