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Copy of a letter to Ms Sue Huyton, Head of Regional Services, RNIB.

Copy of a letter to Ms Sue Huyton, Head of Regional Services, RNIB.

I WAS asked by a partially sighted friend to attend a monthly meeting hosted by Anne Powell, Sight Loss Resource Area Officer, at Solihull’s main library.

While not visually impaired I agreed to accompany my friend to this meeting.

I would estimate that there were 25 to 30 people there. I found Anne Powell to be a friendly, articulate lady who obviously has found her forte in the job she is undertaking.

It was with sadness that she told the meeting that, possibly, in three months time the resource centre would have to close. As is usual in these circumstances, finance was given as the reason.

In this particular case finance has no bearing on the meeting as Solihull Council allows the resource centre to operate within the library free of charge, and I believe there are volunteers who man the centre during the week.

Needless to say those who attend these meetings were dismayed.

Anne is able to show new aids to those attending and this generates sales from the relevant catalogues - details of which would not be available if they stayed at home.

I would like to state that this centre is a valuable resource where people can attend to meet socially and listen to an interesting speaker.

I am sure you will receive many more letters from this group, and I hope you will give considerable thought to retaining what is a most necessary outlet for those with limited or total sight loss. It will be a sad loss to Solihull if it closes.

Mrs Rosemary Lee,
Glenside Avenue,



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