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Lost generation

REGARDING our angry MP (Solihull News) Caroline Spelman needs to get less angry and more concerned!

REGARDING our angry MP (Solihull News) Caroline Spelman needs to get less angry and more concerned!

These riots are being caused by young people who are lost within a society where they are the forgotten non-achievers in education, where probably their fathers are non-existent.

They get into gangs with other lost youths, mostly in deprived areas, who also have had no experience of success at school, or of family harmony.

I do not think any MP can say they have been squeaky clean!

An example is certainly needed from those who judge others in what they deem to be ‘lower class citizens’.

I am not condoning riots - I am asking for more consideration for those youths who feel they are on the scrapheap - who face long term unemployment.

I am immensely saddened for those shopkeepers who lost property but guess they will get compensation, which again will come from the public purse. Britain needs examples of honesty in all walks of life - even in Parliament!

Josie Herbert - Pensioner


Be patient

I MUST take issue with B Ellerslie’s attack on cyclists riding in a bunch in last week’s paper (Letters).

First of all you could probably fit four cyclists into the space taken up by one car - so who’s taking up all the room?

Secondly, why do car drivers - who usually are alone in their cars - insist on driving around with a sofa and a spare armchair?

Finally, as any cyclist knows, if the group had been riding one behind each other the chances of a car successfully overtaking all ten without having to pull in for oncoming traffic would be unlikely.

Instead they would be forced to pull in, somewhere along the group, endangering themselves, the cyclists and the oncoming driver.

Next time when you see a group of cyclists ahead, try being a bit patient. I’m sure your father would appreciate that.

R Wilson, Old Lode Lane, Solihull


Poor value

SOME years ago I took Steve McCabe MP to task over the interest on the Public Finance Initiative and asked what the projected cost of the new QE hospital would cost the tax payers.

I was told it was good value for money and even when I wrote and asked (Birmingham City Council leader) Sir Albert Bore to quantify the figures no one came up with the true costs.

But now we know that long term figures on PFI are horrendous and the interest will more than double the value of the loan and in truth we will never pay it off.

At present the interest is running at eight per cent - double the rate if we had borrowed it off the Government - and these are the people telling us about accountancy and maths.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood


Charity thanks

DOGWATCH UK wish to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the people from Warwick and Solihull who came to our charity Summer Ball on August 15 at the Lord Leycester Hotel in Warwick.

Kim Smith from Tata Motors organised the event and the generous people that attended helped us raise £2,000 for our charity.

We are always looking for homes for dogs, fosterers and volunteers and we have dogs of different ages and sizes needing a home.

Please ring 0121 242 0369 to find out more about events and dogs needing homes.

DogWatchUK Volunteer, via e-mail



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