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Making light of change

RECENTLY a card arrived from the Royal Mail telling me that a parcel awaited me at the delivery office.

RECENTLY a card arrived from the Royal Mail telling me that a parcel awaited me at the delivery office. The box I was handed there looked quite inviting, so imagine my delight when I opened it to find….four free low energy light bulbs!

Nice thought, ‘npower’, but the whole point of saving energy is not to have people driving to collect mystery parcels or having our busy postmen use plastic bags to protect the contents from the rain. Next time, please use packaging small enough to push through letterboxes.

However, the intention was a good one .We are in the middle of a major changeover from an old system to a new, more efficient one but some people have found the new shapes and descriptions of light bulbs confusing .

From January 2010, all traditional bulbs with an energy rating higher than 40W will be phased out. All remaining 40W and 25W A-shape GLS bulbs as well as 60WGLS candles and golf balls will be phased out in 2011.

There was a real need to make the change. Lighting accounts for about 20% of your annual electricity bill and costs UK home consumers around £2.3 billion a year.

An energy-saving light bulb can save you around £2.50 per year on average, and lasts around 10 times longer than an old one .It could save you about £40 before it needs replacing. If you fit all the lights in your house with energy saving bulbs, you could save an estimated £590 over the lifetime of the bulbs.

An energy bulb consumes fewer watts to provide the same level of light. Packaging often compares the old wattage and the new one: for example a new 11 watt bulb provides the same light as an old 60 watt bulb. If you are still unsure about which one to buy, please ask your stockist for assistance.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) recommends that consumers choose bulbs with the ESR logo on them, as this is a quick and easy way to spot the most energy efficient products on the market.



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