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Man for the job

WHO but a fool would entrust a delicate operation on his teeth to someone unqualified or totally inexperienced in dentistry?

WHO but a fool would entrust a delicate operation on his teeth to someone unqualified or totally inexperienced in dentistry? Still less, board an aircraft with someone at the controls who had never piloted an aircraft?

Yet if the opinion polls are to be believed, a majority of the public is totally unconcerned that neither David Cameron, or his Chancellor designate, George Osborne, have no background in economics whatsoever.

How is Britain ever to emerge from financial crisis if perceptive and prescient authorities of the stature of Vince Cable, a former Professor of Economics, is destined to remain on the sidelines? The situation requires a Ministry of All-the-Talents, not a Conservative Government elected by default. To merely parrot the slogan ‘vote for us, we’re not Labour’ does not suffice.

Lionel King, Chadwick End


Just the ticket

I AM a regular passenger from Acocks Green on the No 11 Outer Circle service and must say I’m pleased to see new bus company AM PM Travel now on the route and challenging West Midlands Travel.

Although AM PM only runs a few buses on the route so far, they are clean, regular and wait for it, they have friendly drivers who actually interact with customers!

A breath of fresh air for a route that deserves so much better.

Pat Hall, Broad Road, Acocks Green


Get off the fence

ALTHOUGH I agree with Stephen Richards (Faith Matters) I think he likes sitting on the fence. It’s obvious the BNP would have no intention of running this country in a democratic way. I thought the same as yourself that our duly elected politicians were going to right the wrongs of the past year, but no, it looks like they are going for a pay rise instead. Is this going to take the place of the expenses they have lost?

At the moment this country has no fear of God. Matthew (20 v 16) tells us many are called but few are chosen. Stephen, jump off the fence, because there is virture in being out of step. Being a Christian in this country has taught me to ally myself to Jesus Christ and be in the minority, that’s God’s way. Just tell them the good news and let God do the rest. God bless you all.

P Thomas, Baxters Road, Shirley


Switching on

WELL our fund raising for the Shirley Christmas Lights has now come to a close. It has been hard work but a very interesting year. We have met some lovely people and enjoyed the challenge.

The last two weeks have seen an extra item on the agenda, with a raffle organised by Mrs Hilary Powell. Her extraordinary effort has raised £214 and for this we thank her most sincerely. All prizes have been handed out to the winners.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, gave donations and supported the events throughout the year.

Donations are still coming in to the STCP office, but we can say that we have £7,000 which will see a good display in Shirley.

Malcolm and Ann Turner, On behalf of Sub-committee, STCP


All lit up

I WOULD like to thank whoever was responsible for putting on a wonderful display of fireworks on Saturday night at Berwicks Lane. It was a pleasure to watch, and I hope they continue.

Pam, Chelmsley Wood


Postal action

I’M very much against the postal strike, as I feel the postmen/woman are being sucked into a dispute they can’t win, and more damage will be done to an already fragile industry. But saying that, if what I read is true, and Royal Mail is recruiting contractors to deliver mail, then I’m going to seal up my letter box. I’m not having scabs deliver my mail.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood



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