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Man threatens to bomb local police station

A CHELMSLEY Wood man has admitted threatening to bomb a local police station and stab an officer.

A CHELMSLEY Wood man has admitted threatening to bomb a local police station and stab an officer.

Carl Burnham, of Hedgetree Croft, called 999 on five occasions in the early hours of November 8 where he subjected the telephone operator to a torrent of abuse, a court heard.

Malcolm Stoddart, prosecuting, said: “The case concerns a number of rather unpleasant calls.

“He was shouting abuse and swearing at the officer.

“He said ‘I have put a bomb in the police station.’ He said he would stab a police officer to death.”Despite the extreme nature of the threats, the 23-year-old, who had drunk two bottles of vodka and two glasses of whisky before making the calls, was only charged with making threatening phone calls.

“The calls were treated like what they were; mindless abuse, rather than anyone fearing for their safety,” Mr Stoddart added.

Burnham pleaded guilty to making the abusive calls and Tiernan Davis, defending, admitted the language used by his client has been “completely and totally inappropriate.”

“While it was appalling behaviour, clearly, it has to be put into its place,” he added.

“The threats were not taken seriously by the police.”

Mr Davis said Burnham had been upset as, earlier that evening, two men had allegedly approached him, claiming to be police officers and asking to see his mobile phone.

He managed to get away from the pair, added Mr Davis, and called 999 to report the incident but felt he was not being taken seriously by the operator.

“He apologises completely for his appalling behaviour,” he said.

“Mr Burnham doesn’t normally drink. He’d had far, far too much.”

The case was adjourned until December 14 for pre-sentence reports to be prepared.



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