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Matron please

WITH reference to your article about Claire Molloy and her ‘revolution’ with regard to frail and elderly people (Solihull News) - my husband is in this category having suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for the last 15 years.

WITH reference to your article about Claire Molloy and her ‘revolution’ with regard to frail and elderly people (Solihull News) - my husband is in this category having suffered from Parkinson’s Disease for the last 15 years. We used to have a wonderful community matron who supported us both.

She has now been replaced by the ‘virtual ward south’ which is completely useless for our needs. I don’t need a ‘revolution’ I just need the community matron back!

Barbara Gunstone, Knowle


Green fear

I UNDERSTAND and appreciate the need for more housing but the decision to ‘dispose’ of Woodlands Green for housing is so wrong.

Why use this beautiful piece of green land when just down the road there is the eyesore that was the Mountford pub. What is happening there?

There are only so many houses that can be built in any area before we all begin to feel like sardines in a can. It seems to me the Conservatives will not be happy until every green space is built on in the North of Solihull - shame on you!

J Williams, Chester Road, Kingshurst


A dog’s toilet

I READ with interest your item regarding Hillfield Park and dogs running loose (Solihull News) and I can well understand parents’ concerns for their children.

I live almost in the park at the end of Spilsbury Croft; dogs off leads are a real nuisance running over gardens leaving their usual deposits and trampling plants.

The usual response from the owners is a four letter word.

As for fencing the children in their play area, has no one thought of a fenced off area for dogs and owners leaving the park/nature reserve for the children to enjoy in safety?

I would not allow my children to play on the grass at the moment as Hillfield park/nature reserve is one giant dogs’ toilet.

There is a golden retriever running across my garden at this moment no owner in sight, it’s just a joke.

It’s a dogs’ playground and toilet!

Pat Collier, via e-mail


No road sense

There are two lots of long term roadworks on Hampton Lane between Warwick Road and the bypass; with one way traffic out of Solihull towards the bypass. Then at the bypass, roadworks at Hampton Lane/Yew Tree Lane traffic lights.

Does anyone else despair at the lack of common sense applied?

In the two lanes only bit of Warwick Road, approaching Morrisons’s, the left hand lane is closed. Thus any vehicle turning right into Morrison’s stops all flow along the Warwick Road. Commonsense says close off the left turn lane further out, at Solihull School entrance.

And then the two conflicting signs at Morrisons’ exit, obstructing the pavement. The first says left turn lane closed, diversion to right. And the second says diversion to left! Doh!!

Along Hampton Lane the Warwick Road towards bypass direction is closed off with many barriers and cones. In other words you can’t possibly drive along it. So why are the cones all placed on the central white lines? In normal use motorists can drive around cyclists when there is no oncoming traffic. Now, because of the cones, traffic has to follow a cyclist all the way along!

And, while the road is widened to allow the Land Rover juggernauts to swing right into Yew Tree Lane more easily, pedestrians having crossed the bypass are directed to walk up the steep grass bank alongside Yew Tree Lane!

Please find someone with some common sense in Solihull Council to sort out the contractors!

Richard Taylor via e-mail


A Shirley prayer

MAY their Gods forgive our Tory councillors for their persistent ignoring of the wishes of the majority of Shirley residents, for over 25 years, by selling over an acre and a half of our park land and car park to build an oversized hypermarket, shopping arcade and perhaps replacing one for public lavatories.

Edward Little, Velsheda Road, Shirley


A hefty sum

FINALLY it is decided, the way forward is to build Parkgate. Now, who’s going to pay the cost awarded against Solihull Council? You’ve guessed it. You! In your council tax. Congratulations!

The financial implications were known before the enquiry. I think it only fair that the objectors pay the costs that they have levied on this borough.

A note for the developers: It would be nice to see very diverse shops. As a person whose job takes me around every city and town, I see all the usual old names, Next, New Look, It’s a Pound, Costa Coffee etc. Will the developers attempt to build this into the design.

A large number of places that I visit invite the locals in to sell their produce, thereby supporting the growth of the local economy.

Jonny D via e-mail


Plan backed

I fully support the revised plans for Sainsbury’s development in Dorridge. I have lived in this area for more than 35 years and I have witnessed the decline of the centre of Dorridge.

I believe that Sainsbury’s has made a significant effort to consult our community and has come up with a plan that is fair and reasonable. We desperately need our village centre to be redeveloped and revitalised, and I am sure that this will come about to the benefit of us all through the plans that Sainsbury’s has submitted.

I am dismayed when I hear so many negative comments from DROVS, which I believe represents a minority of residents, albeit a very vocal one. I try to use the local shopkeepers as often as I can, and regularly ask them their views on Sainsbury’s. I have yet to meet anyone who is opposed to the plans.

Janice Anderson, Rodborough Road, Dorridge



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