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ON May 27 six elderly gentlemen set off from the far outposts of this green and pleasant land in high spirits, looking forward to an RAF reunion dinner in central Birmingham.

ON May 27 six elderly gentlemen set off from the far outposts of this green and pleasant land in high spirits, looking forward to an RAF reunion dinner in central Birmingham.

To make matters easier for these ancient geriatrics it was decided we would all meet at McDonalds in Shirley, it being near to the motorway exits and then after refreshment to follow our glorious leader in line to the hotel in Birmingham.

Due to various ailments three of our six members failed to meet at the agreed time of 3pm and did not arrive until 4.30pm. Having all assembled we chatted for a good time and finally set off for our hotel.

Imagine my surprise and outrage to receive a parking summons for over staying the McDonalds parking limit of 90 minutes from VET Parking Services of London for £50, or £100 plus costs if not paid within 14 days.

Does this not smack of avarice, sharp practice and could it even be illegal. A reader with knowledge of the law might know as there seems to be a lot of this sort of thing about usually by unlicensed thugs.

Trevor Morgan, Alcester Road, Stratford upon Avon

Fine outcome

ON April 21 I received a parking fine at 8pm. I complained to the Solihull Council that the blue signs were misleading.

The signs say parking is unlimited between 6pm and 8am which I believed was free after 6pm.

My first complaint was rejected by the council who said the signs were clear.

I took my complaint to the next level with the council and also to my local MP Lorely Burt who supported my complaint.

I have since received a letter from the council, which says that due to a small number of additional comments the signs in question have now been removed from the car parks.

I would just like to share this with fellow readers.

Bob Turton, Solihull Lodge

??Spin free

RE Under seige (Solihull News). Thank you for your report on the proposal to build 125 homes on farmland in Marston Green.

Your description of the proposed site was astonishing - honest and realistic illustrating its complete unsuitability of the for houses. Such integrity in these days of ‘spin’ is rare indeed. Thankfully we have many people in Marston Green prepared to campaign against inappropriate housing. So, let’s hope that common sense will prevail, and that this ludicrous proposal will be thrown out.

Pat Preece, Willow End, Blackfirs Lane, Marston Green

Under siege

My family and I have lived in Marston Green for many years and have seen the village grow and grow; the village is now over developed.

The Moat House Farm, Elmdon Lane proposed development site, is directly behind my house; the land is of historic value (ridge and furrow) this should remain as it is for following generations to enjoy and should not be destroyed purely for the greed of developers. The site has been deemed to be of no monitory value but it has been identified as far back as the Doomsday Book.

The fact that the house builders are proposing to shoe horn so many properties on this land is not representing what the residents of this village need or want.

The following points need to be made:

The local doctor has clearly stated that he has no further spaces and the dental practice will be unable to cope with extra patients.

Schools cannot take any further expansion, parking is already a serious issue while as for traffic the village is used as a thoroughfare and at times it is impossible to go anywhere at a suitable pace.

Our peaceful area will be turned into a building site and social housing, extra traffic, lack of pupil places in schools, doctor’s facilities, lack of parking, and lack of amenities will devalue all of the local resident’s house prices. Please give the local community of Marston Green a chance to live a normal life one that isn’t constantly fighting against over development of our village!

Name and address supplied

It’s own rules

PROJECT Anita cost a great amount of money spent in time of recession. The road was perfectly alright before the expensive alterations, and the work was unnecessary. Part of the end result where Bickenhill Lane joins Bickenhill Parkway is a new road layout and altered junction with traffic lights. Many drivers find this confusing.

Before the alterations everyone always had to turn left onto the dual carriageway which was the safe thing to do. Now there is a new right turn for buses only. Unfortunately this cannot be clear as very many vehicles of all types are turning right the whole time. There has already been a bad accident here.

Where Bickenhill Road meets the mini island on Coleshill Heath Road the ancient hedgerow has been ripped out and the grass verge tarmaced over it to make a foot/cyclepath starting nowhere and finishing on the traffic island. There is already a pavement running the length of Bickenhill Road.

Where is the sense in this new bit of remote and unconnected path and why has the hedgerow been destroyed? Ancient hedgerows are protected by the 1997 regulations.

Project Anita obviously has its own laws.

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