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Money to burn

NEARLY two and a half months ago I wrote to Lorely Burt MP asking if she could find out the ‘day to day’ cost of waging the war in Afghanistan.

NEARLY two and a half months ago I wrote to Lorely Burt MP asking if she could find out the ‘day to day’ cost of waging the war in Afghanistan.

I have now received a reply in which she says the estimated cost to date is £12 billion, but the Government has no way of knowing how much money is being swallowed up each day, even approximately. Bearing in mind that we can no longer afford schools and public services I found this astonishing.

Raymond Pegg, Solihull Lodge


Faith matters

After reading the headlines of my copy of Solihull News I always turn overleaf to study ‘Faith Matters’. I am grateful to you, Mr Editor, that you publish these articles written by people from Christian, Jewish, Islam, Bahai and other faiths. People of faith can learn from those with other religious views.

I read last week that John Edwards is very critical of the Faith Matters articles in the last two editions. He has a very distorted view of Islam when he says Dr Ghannam peddles ‘hellfire and damnation’. I re-read that article (October 22) where the Prophet Muhammad’s last sermon is quoted. This included such phrases as ‘regard the life and property of every one as a sacred trust’ and ‘hurt no one so that no one may hurt you’.

I do not find any hellfire here, while other writers proclaim the wonderful love and peace of God which is available for all to accept or reject.

Faith does matter to very many people and I hope to see ‘Faith Matters’ continue in its present form. Those with secularist views are free to use the Letters pages.

Peter Handley, Riverside Drive, Solihull


A painful life

WHAT a refreshing change to read the two letters from JR Nurcombe and Anthony Howe (Letters) regarding Anne Poulson and Faith Matters (08/10/10).

My mother went blind with macular disease, she then had Alzheimer’s, as did my father in later years, as well as being blind in one eye.

My husband was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, which started at 42 and he suffered till he died at 72. I know many people past and present with cancer, so I certainly wonder where this ‘Superhuman’ being (who loves everyone) is.

JM Greaves, Hall Green



I WOULD like to congratulate Anne Poulson in regards to Faith Matters.

The sentiments she expressed are found throughout the Bible and I feel sure would have been welcomed by millions of people in this nation and worldwide. After all, atheism is a minority belief. In the UK opinion polls constantly reveal that the vast majority of people express their faith in God and believe Him to be the creator of all things.

May I finally quote Verse 28 from the 16th chapter of 1st Chronicles: “Praise the lord all people on earth, praise his glory and might.”

William Harris, Bentley Heath


Bus blues

I FEEL I must write regarding Solihull Sixth Form College.

My granddaughter and her friend should have caught the Number 73 bus from Garretts Green Lane on either October 12 or 14 at approximately 8.30am in the morning.

Unfortunately, the bus did not arrive at all - hence it made them late for lessons. My grandaughter had her EMA stopped for the whole week as whoever dealt with them at the Sixth Form did not believe their reason for being late.

Surely, couldn’t the college have called National Express West Midlands and asked what had happened and checked that the girls involved were actually telling the truth?

Mrs A Bellamy, Yardley


The gravy train

catch the bus, well at least Ian Duncan-Smith has moved Tories forward in transport, but sadly not in morals or integrity, and as Britain’s sick, unemployed and disabled try to look for work on the bus, our politicians are sitting in their first class coaches of the gravy train .

ST Vaughan, YardleyWood



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