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WHAT is it about WH Smith in Mell Square?

WHAT is it about WH Smith in Mell Square?

On Friday I popped in to Boots at lunchtime and although the queue was long, with six assistants manning the tills I quickly found myself at the front, served, and heading out the door.

My big mistake though was to go next door to Smiths. With purchases selected I joined the already long queue and waited.....and waited.....and waited.

Two overworked and harassed footsoldiers were on the tills as we, waiting to part with our money, shuffled from one foot to the other while our eyes were assaulted by cut price offers on giant bars of chocolate and the latest shock horror revelations from the gossip magazines.

One could only look with sympathy at the poor sods joining the end of the queue and spending the rest of their lunch hour and beyond crawling to the front.

What’s to be done? This wasn’t a one off, it happens virtually every lunchtime.

Yet, as Boots easily demonstrates, by putting a few extra staff on at peak periods the entire shopping experience is transformed, and for the better. WH Smith please note.



Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
Annette Belcher
Multimedia Journalist
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