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Mown down

AT long last, how lovely to see spring has arrived. Elmdon Park is looking lovely with swathes of crocuses just opening up, then along comes Enterprise and mows them all down!

AT long last, how lovely to see spring has arrived. Elmdon Park is looking lovely with swathes of crocuses just opening up, then along comes Enterprise and mows them all down!

Can anyone from either Enterprise or the Council explain why. They have left the ones under the trees, but completely destroyed the big patches on the grass. Normally they are left for us to enjoy, and when they are finished they get mown down. Not the other way round!

K Ginder, Park Close, Solihull


Cashing in on resits

I AM a concerned parent of a student at Solihull Sixth Form College. The college has just announced to its students that all resit examinations will now cost £30 each. Previously the college has charged students £20 per resit, which means an increase of 50%.

A lot of students are upset about this as for some it means they will be unable to afford to do their resits. Also a lot of students were advised by their teachers to delay taking their resits until the summer exam period which will now cost them a lot more.

I have been onto the websites for the main exam boards: OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC and the price for each AS/A2 module ranges from £13 to £17, approximately half of what the college is charging.

I know someone who is an exam officer at a secondary school (who incidentally do not charge their students for resits) and he assures me it takes seconds to enter a student for an exam, as the process is computerised.

The college will be making a large profit on each student and I feel that in the current economic climate and at a time when good exam results are so important to our young people, that this is totally unacceptable.

Mrs B Davies via e-mail


Supermarket shocker

I WAS in Tesco’s supermarket last Thursday, idly waiting for my wife, and I was pleased to see attendants putting polite notices on cars that were parking in disabled places, but sadly that’s as far as it went as I watched two drivers given these notices just rip them off and throw them on the ground.

Then I saw a young lady with two young children trying to park in the space designated for drivers with children when suddenly an oap in a red car, blasted his horn , got out of his car and screaming expletives shouted ‘get out of the way!’ When the young woman remonstrated against this tirade she was then verbally abused by the man’s wife.

So there we are, another day of shopping is over and I am sadly ashamed of my generation of oldies - it’s not all kids in hoods that are bullies.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Rd, Yardley Wood


Explanation please

MAGGIE Throup’s self-serving victory dance over Solihull ‘s maternity services is either delusional or a deliberate attempt to deceive the borough’s voters.

Under the heading ‘Reprieve for Solihull Mums’, her website claims the downgrading of maternity services at Solihull Hospital has been postponed until after the General Election. The accompanying photograph makes implicit Ms Throup’s belief that this ‘great news’ is down to her own campaigning.

Unfortunately, back in the Real World, the Heart of England NHS Trust is pressing ahead with the downgrade and has reiterated this fact on its own website.

Ignoring Ms Throup’s attempt to claim the fictitious credit for herself, was her statement the result of ineptitude or a politically-motivated disregard of the truth?

Steve Green



Service built to last

FULL marks to local campaigners, especially Maggie Throup and Caroline Spelman, in their attempts to keep Solihull’s Maternity Services alive.

I had four children in the old Maternity Unit from 1979 to 1991, all under the care of the wonderful Mr Rowbotham and his staff to whom so many Solihull mums are indebted for the excellence of their treatment in days gone by. The present Maternity Unit is only a few years old and was built to serve the community for decades, not to be shut down while women in labour are transported miles to hospitals elsewhere.

M Holder by email


Breaking the barriers

I WAS pleased to see your article highlighting National Prostate Cancer month last week. Only a few days ago I pledged to a Solihull resident that, should I be elected as the MP for Solihull, I would campaign to raise the awareness of this killer disease.

This resident had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is recognised that women are far more likely to visit their GP if they suspect anything is wrong.

We need to break down the unseen barriers for men to visit their GP if we are to reduce the impact of this cancer.

Maggie Throup

Solihull Parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party


It’s a disgrace

YOU invited our thoughts about Councillor Jim Ryan trying to encourage Michael Winner to, again, visit Solihull. I agree with Mr Ryan’s sentiments but wonder if he would escort Mr Winner around the roundabout, above the M42 at Junction 5.

For weeks I have been e-mailing senior councillors, The Mayor, Mr Ryan etc about the disgraceful litter state of the Junction. What happens - ZERO.

What we really need is a Royal visit, to enter our glorious borough via Junction 6 - you can guarantee the issue would then be sorted.

Cliff Morrey, Knowle


Winner a loser

I HAD intended to write something positive about Michael Winner.

However since his achievements consist of directing third rate films and taking part in juvenile TV adverts I am unable to do so.

Dennis Sanders

Binley Close, Shirley



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