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Mum's fears for kids over house mould infestation

A LOCAL mum is in fear for her children’s health after her council house became infested with mould.

A LOCAL mum is in fear for her children’s health after her council house became infested with mould.

The smell of decay is eyewatering on entering Samantha Lea’s home in Eagle Grove, Smith’s Wood and the reason why soon becomes clear; black and green mould covering much of the walls of the family home.

Damp and mould has even ruined many of the mother-of-four’s clothes, shoes and furniture while her 13-year-old daughter Lucy has been forced to share her mum’s bed as her own has become soaked and bedroom walls encrusted with mould.

“It’s not healthy,” said Samantha. “We can’t live like this.”

“I’m taking my seven year-old to get tested for asthma on Friday. We all keep coughing and my daughter and I have started getting headaches.”

Problems began with mould, linked with causing serious respiratory problems such as asthma, three years ago at the house and despite the efforts of several council contractors, has always returned with a vengeance. The latest episode began in November but the single mum had to wait until last week before a contractor could visit only to be informed it would be several weeks before the damp and mould problem was repaired.

“It’s diabolical and dangerous,” Samantha added.

“It’s also costing me a fortune as I have had to redecorate and it’s ruined all the wallpaper as well as my clothes.

“I feel like I’m being fobbed off because I’m a single mother.

“The council are quick enough to chase you for your rent and council tax but when you need help, they’re nowhere to be seen.”

A Solihull Council spokesperson said they had repaired the roof and recently added roof vents and applied anti-fungicidal wash to affected walls which the coucil hoped would eventually fix the problem.

“We have been working to resolve the mould problem in this property, which we believe was caused by a roof leak and heavy condensation in the loft,” she added.

“We will be further meeting with the tenant and visiting the property to ensure the issue is resolved.”



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