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Mystery noise keeps on humming

THE Solihull News continues to be flooded with reports of people who have heard the Hum.

THE Solihull News continues to be flooded with reports of people who have heard the Hum.

Last week, we reported that several residents - all over Solihull - had heard the mystery drone.

This week we were contacted by still more Silhillians who have been plagued by the noise.

Margaret Witts, who first brought up the phenomena in our letters’ page, has now been visited by Solihull Council’s environmental department - who have installed recording equipment at her home.

She hopes this might shed some light on the problem, but many have been seeking an answer for years.

Howard Knight, from Shirley, first heard the Hum five years ago and would sometimes venture out in the early hours to try and discover the source.

Distant traffic on the M42, garden pool pumps and a local sub-station were among the possibilities he investigated.

“Whilst there is no cure, my solutions was to buy a husk filled pilllow,” he said.

“Its slight “crunching” sound when you bury your head masked the Hum. Over a few years it has helped and I now only notice the noise after it has been pointed out to me.”

Sheila Gibson, from Kingshurst, has also learned to block out the noise - having first become aware of it in the early 1970s.

“Over the years I’ve tended not to listen to the Hum, however it is always there if I “tune in”. When I first started to hear it in the 70s I would lie awake at night as it was so loud, and I would liken it to a heavy steam roller.”

So perhaps we’ll never quite know what causes the Hum - especially since it’s been reported in so many parts of the borough. But if you stumble upon an answer, be sure to let us know.



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