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Myth buster

Once more we are subject to the ramblings of Mr J Bramham (News 6 May) on HS2.

Once more we are subject to the ramblings of Mr J Bramham (News 6 May) on HS2.

Let’s take these one at a time:

Noise - modern diesel engines, are faster, heavier, quieter, and more efficient than those of the 1980s.

On the HS2 route just 10 properties will experience high levels of noise, 150 are in compensation level and 4700 experience 3db noise change the minimum noise change the human ear can detect.

Job creation - a couple of thousand jobs says JB.

By its very nature HS2 will provide unprecedented access to the London jobs market helping balance the London/Midlands imbalance. 9,000 construction jobs will be created for phase1 and carried forward to phase 2 providing 20 years of employment and more as the network expands north.

HS2 operations and maintenance brings 1,500 jobs plus a similar increase with extensions total 12,000. Add in suppliers etc means some 20,000 jobs putting £0.5 billion into the national economy every year.

The nation (taxpayer) will gain taxes paid by these workers, savings in unemployment benefits and additional NI payments. I reckon that must be worth about £2/3bn over 40years.

Time savings costs - £1bn/minute saved says JB. The usual trick of the statistical fraudster. The 20 minutes saved is per journey per passenger

Let’s accept his grossly inflated £1bn per minute saved, ignore the £2/3bn HS2 jobs benefit and reliability, capacity and consequent time savings on ECML/WCML/MML journeys as a result and freight benefits and fare revenue.

JB must have started with £20bn if we divide this by the number of journeys made multiplied by 20 minutes we end up with less than 30 pence/minute about 0.000001p/taxpayer - One hundred thousandth of a penny.

The aggregated value of timesavings will more than obliterate this myth.

UK small, France bigger - north to south France is 550 miles east to west is 500 miles; UK is 570 miles NS. Paris-Lyon (France second city) is 200miles; London-Manchester/Liverpool is 180 miles and is a far larger conurbation than Lyon. The French wish they had a city the size of Birmingham halfway between Paris and Lyon you can be sure they would have provided a TGV station there.

Let’s stop wasting time with the anti-HS2 mob - they are living in the past and trying to keep us all there. Give them adequate compensation and let’s get on with the building of HS2.

H Harvey, B91


Thanks again

I’d like to thank, most sincerely, the 1648 residents of Elmdon ward who voted for me in last week’s Local Elections. It is an honour and privilege to once again be your ward representative and I am absolutely delighted to have been re-elected by you to serve for another four years.

Jean Hamilton - Councillor for Elmdon ward


Back in charge

Congratulations to our local Elmdon councillor Jean Hamilton on her successful re-election and her work for local people.

Although the Solihull Tory group is not too bad, I am sorry they again monopolise the Council leadership.

Duncan Hartley, Damsonwood


Danger islands

REGARDING the islands on Stratford Road (Letters). Twice I have nearly been hit by speeding cars, indicating left to Dickens Heath and then carrying straight on.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Rd, Yardley



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