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Never again

I USUALLY buy my petrol from Sainsbury’s, but on November 11 they had run out so I bought my fuel from Hobs Moat Service Station using my debit card.

I USUALLY buy my petrol from Sainsbury’s, but on November 11 they had run out so I bought my fuel from Hobs Moat Service Station using my debit card.

On December 11 my account was showing around £650 earmarked. A £10 mobile phone top-up and a laptop had been purchased, neither of which were anything to do with me.

That was the first and last time I will ever use Hobs Moat Service Station for my petrol.

Ann Fuller, via e-mail


Card problems

JUST reading your article about Hobs Moat petrol station (Solihull News). I would like to point out a possible situation at the old Swann Motors petrol site - now Jet I think.

When I went there last week I was asked to pay first. I was then asked to leave my credit card with the guy behind the desk while I filled up. He would not turn the pump on until I did so. It sounded a bit dodgy to me, so I left and went elsewhere.

Since then my father has been in there on the way home from work and had a problem with swiping his company credit card. They swiped his card and he put his pin number in and they said it would not work.

So he had to use another card. He has phoned the card company and they say there is no problem with this card but have cancelled it and issued another just in case. Just sounds a bit weird to me.

Trevor Rumney, via e-mail


Cloned as well

I AM writing in regard to the story about a pensioner who claimed to have had his credit card cloned at a local petrol station (Solihull News).

I too have been a victim of card cloning. This happened in September of last year. The only place that I had used my card at the time was at a local Shell garage so therefore I believe this is where my card was cloned.

Pam, Solihull via e-mail


Smoky Yule

I WOULD like to thank the resident of Mirfield Road, Solihull for starting a bonfire at midday on Boxing Day.

Also I would like to commend their pyrotechnic skill in managing to keep it smoking until about 4pm, despite only using wet leaves as fuel.

This provided a very festive smoky haze and smell of burning to pervade our houses and add to our celebration of St Stephen’s Day.

It only goes to show that knowledge of by-laws and respect for neighbours is still alive during the Christmas festivities!

Alex Ross, via e-mail


Glum view

REGARDING a letter from John Bramham which appeared in a recent edition of the Solihull News. The gentleman in question appears to have a perverted sense of direction, amongst other things.

Since when have the Lib Dems been left wing? Furthermore, the delightful Lorely Burt has been a proverbial ray of sunshine following several lame duck Tory MPs.

Mr Bramham, like all extreme ‘right wingers’, lives in a not very salubrious past. As for the allegedly tacky Christmas card, well I received a much larger card depicting the Houses of Parliament in bygone days.

At the risk of being guilty of alliteration, may I state categorically: “Long live Lorely.” Hopefully the honour of the lady in question remains intact.

Denis Sanders, Shirley


Nasty work

WHAT a thoroughly nasty, spiteful and vindictive letter from John Bramham concerning our MP Lorely Burt whose main crime seems to be that she sent a charming Christmas card, designed by a six-year-old child, to her constituents.

In recent times my wife and I have had occasion to write to Ms Burt on matters of great concern to us. Her replies have been both helpful and courteous and have been followed up by further action as required. We have found her in all respects to be an excellent constituency MP.

I write these words on Christmas morning in the hope that Mr Bramham may have rediscovered some of the true spirit of the season of peace and goodwill to all people and in the sincere hope that Lorely Burt may continue to serve the people of Solihull for a long time to come. Happy New Year Mr Bramham.

Rob Webb, Lode Lane, Solihull


Heretical view

I NOTICE that under the headline ‘Recalling the story of Mary and Jesus’ (Faith Matters, Dec 12) you afford Dr Issam Ghannam of the Solihull Muslim Community Association the opportunity to express the Islam version of the Birth of Christ.

For the sake of clarity, however, and out of respect for the integrity of the faith of your readership, it should be recognised that the Islamic version of the Christmas story is considered to be completely erroneous and heretical.

The true story of Christ’s birth according to Christmas doctrine and tradition can be found only in the New Testament Gospels in St Matthew: Chapter 1, verses 18-25 and St Luke: Chapter 1, verses 26-55 and Chapter 2, verses 1-20.

James Caffery, Solihull


Ring with thanks

I WOULD like to thank all the staff at Ring and Ride for all the generous gifts on my retirement. I would also like to thank all the lovely passengers I have met over the last 14 years. I will miss you all.

Mrs Jan Haywood, via e-mail


Superb dinner

ON December 5 my husband and I, with many others, were invited to another Christmas dinner at the CTC in Cooks Lane. Again the organisation was faultless.

We were entertained by the lovely young people who worked very hard. Nothing was too much trouble for any of them.

All the entertainment was superb. Many thanks to all.

Mrs Green, Cooks Lane, Kingshurst


Strange lights

AT about 10.15pm on Christmas night I was at the junction of Morton Road, turning left into Longmore Road, Shirley when I saw four orange lights in the sky travelling towards me. The cloud was low and thick, and these ‘lights’ didn’t seem in any hurry. I watched them for maybe 30 seconds as they travelled in line, one behind the other.

My journey almost complete, I decided there would be enough time for me to arrive and get the family to witness the event.

With my wife, daughter and son-in-law, I watched the sight as it passed overhead, slowly and silently, eventually disappearing into cloud. The ‘lights’ were orangey-yellow and seemed to pulsate slightly.

The Stratford Road was quiet except for the restaurants with a few people on foot or driving.

I wonder if anyone else saw the ‘lights’ travelling in a south-westerly direction.

RW Howell, Tanworth Lane, Shirley


The bright side

IT is sad to see our Woolies go but that is how things are these days, I am sorry to say. But let’s cheer up and, hopefully, welcome the opening to the market shortly.

Albert Broome, ‘Solihull and proud of it’

Excellent idea

IT is very sad that Woolworths has closed. It’s 75 years since I went into Woolies for the first time and it was a 3d and 6d store then!

However, I think the market would be an excellent replacement - it has been missed very much. I do hope they will include the coffee shop if it comes about.

Helena Day, Mereside Way, Olton


Big hearts

MANY thanks to the residents of Dovecote Close and Berkswell Close for your very generous donation of £63.11 towards the Royal British Legion Poppy Collection fund.

Once again many thanks.

BI Pyatt, Solihull


Heartless yobs

I AND my neighbours wish an undeserved Happy New Year to the drunken slobs who early on December 31 stole and then poured down the drain our two-day supply of milk, thus denying us a morning cup of tea and making us go on a freezing cold journey for replacement milk.

Thankfully most people - young and old - are still good, but an increasing minority give our country a bad name by their stupid irresponsible behaviour.

2009 must be a year when strong, fair discipline is more firmly exercised and scum are no longer tolerated.

Don Bargery, Solihull


Modern Lord Haw Haw

WHAT on earth was Channel 4 thinking of broadcasting the alternative Christmas message on Christmas Day?

In case anyone has forgotten, the first part of the word Christmas is Christ so in the Christian calendar it is a celebration of the saviour’s birth, not a platform for the President of Iran, who is an enemy of Christianity, to spread his own form of propaganda. It reminds me of Lord Haw Haw in the last World War. I think it was a blasphemous thing to do and they should apologise.

P Thomas, Shirley


Festive spirit

I LOST my disabled blue badge over Christmas. It must have fallen out of the car as I struggled to get in or out. However, public-spirited person found it and handed it in to Solihull Council. My sincere thanks to them both for returning it to me. Happy New Year.

Patrick McGrath, Arnold Road, Shirley


Thanks Tracy

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to Tracy and all the staff at Brookvale Care Home for the Christmas dinner and entertainment for residents and relatives. Also for the genuine loving care given to the residents.

A very grateful relative


Friends drop in

THE Friends of Solihull Hospital made their annual visit to Solihull Hospital on Christmas Eve to distribute presents to all patients and staff. It was so nice to see the wards decorated which does help to make the stay in hospital over Christmas little less stressful.

GH Cother, chairman, Friends of Solihull




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