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New retro collectibles showcases its rare items

A FILM fanatic from Solihull opens his second ‘destination’ retro collectibles store next weekend.

A FILM fanatic from Solihull opens his second destination retro collectibles store next weekend.

Retro World, based at Birminghams Custard Factory, features vintage computer consoles and toys, cult collectables and film merchandise.

We want it to become a destination store for film fans and gamers across the Midlands, said owner Robert Hadley, aged 46.

Its a very rare shop. It feels like a museum really.

Weve got artwork from cult classics like Quadrophenia and Warriors and Rainbow and Danger Mouse displays which gave the shop a fun feel and is far removed from the typical retail experience.

Retro World sells a huge variety of merchandise to transport shoppers back to their era of choice from Sega and Atari consoles, to mint condition Star Wars collectibles and even retro candy.

While its signed movie memorabilia and rare Transformer figures can reach a couple of hundred pounds each.

Robert from Wolverley Road, Elmdon, said he was hoping the shop will build on the success of his first venture; Entertainment World in Sheldon, a retro games shop.

Weve built up quite a following across the country because were certainly not another high street store, he added.

The retro pieces have really caught peoples attention and were hoping to build on that for our new store.

Robert admitted he was a big kid at heart and said the shops were a chance to own a collection which would never be allowed back at his house.

I love coming into work. Its fun.

Ive been a massive movie fan all my life and I think you get more nostalgic about things as you get a bit older.

A lot of our customers are in their forties and fifties who want to get those toys they never got to have as kids.

Retro World, in the Custard factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham will hold its grand opening day, with wine and nibbles, on Saturday May 12 from 10am to 6pm.

A vintage fair will also be taking place at the Custard factory from 12noon to 5pm the same day.



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