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No clothes

I DO hope Ken Meeson will soon come to the notice of the producers of Strictly Come Dancing: the way he tap-dances around the truth (letters, 8 January).

I DO hope Ken Meeson will soon come to the notice of the producers of Strictly Come Dancing: the way he tap-dances around the truth (letters, 8 January).

Simply re-labelling parkland as “open space” doesn’t stop it being parkland and attempting to redesignate local anger over the sale of part of Tudor Grange as an attack upon ex-soldiers is a pretty pathetic gambit.

You try painting me as Scrooge for merely pointing out the flaws in your party’s ‘achievements’. I prefer a different fairytale figure: the bystander who points out the Emperor is naked. Ken, your policies are showing and it’s not a pleasant sight.

Steve Green

Olton, Solihull


Order please

Please Solihull Council, if we are all doing our best to recycle, can you do your best too!

We are asked to put our house numbers on wheelies, boxes, white sacks - but every week they are strewn everywhere - not put back where they were placed.

I am sick and tired of trying to find what belongs to me with my house number on it, I don’t get paid for it, your contractors do.

S Barnes



Good service

HAVING read a number of somewhat critical letters over refuse collection, I would like to say my road and presumably the area gets a good service.

I would also add the teams involved are reliable and courteous, work hard and turn out in all weathers . The kerbside collection and recycling arrangements are the system set down by the council to keep costs down and help the environment. This does involve us all in extra effort but it does seem a bit unfair to blame the dustmen.

Marcella Barton,

Ashwell Drive



Nothing special

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Colin Birks of Shirley last week (Letters). I, too, am sick to death of the inconvenience caused by the new waste and recycling procedures imposed on the rate payers of Solihull.

Ten days before Christmas, I e-mailed the the council to ask if there were any special arrangements to dispose of the extra waste we all accumulate at this time of the year. Oh, joy of joys when the reply came that they would ‘be accepting domestic waste alongside the black wheelie bin’.

I e-mailed them again on December 29 to ask if the same applied for the collection after the New Year, only to be told that they had made a mistake and extra side waste would only be collected from properties whose collection days fell on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and ‘is not permitted for other properties’.

All I can say is the red mist descended and I responded with a strongly worded reply!

M Rosenbloom



BID is off target

IF Sue Yates and others involved in the Solihull BID (Business Improvement District) project really want to boost trading in central Solihull, they should look first at making it a proper shopping centre.

It’s all very well to spend money - assuming the BID scheme is approved next month - on “improving marketing and promotion” of Solihull, together with better car parking, but I would say most shoppers are more interested in what they can buy, and at what price.

Some of them, like me, will have been dismayed to see the last greengrocer’s shop in Solihull - Joe Richards in High Street - close recently, and so, effectively, bring to an end independent stores selling fresh produce. The supermarkets and Marks & Spencer rule!

I’d love to be able to go to a skilled butcher or fishmonger and ask for a boned joint or gutted fish of my choice. A service I cannot get in supermarket-dominated Solihull,.

Why have all the independents gone? I reckon it has a lot to do with the rents charged by landlords like Norwich Union (owner of Mell Square). Too high, some departing retailers have told me. So, Sue, can you do anything to make Solihull a better shopping centre?

Jane McKie via e-mail


A healthy walk

I HAVE no objection to wider parking spaces being available to parents with young children at supermarkets (Letters). What I object to is that these spaces are always right by the entrance. Why not place them at the far end of the car park? The walk would surely help to combat childhood obesity.

G Lloyd, Knowle

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