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No mixing

REGARDING the letter from Margaret Sealy (March 12).

REGARDING the letter from Margaret Sealy (March 12).

I’m sorry but I beg to differ as this account comes from the Bible which is the word of God and every word is truth, it must be taken seriously - it is not the belief in a God inferring there is more than one God. God created Heaven and Earth, full stop.

I believe that having faith in God our Father who art in Heaven, you cannot mix with science, you don’t need a cause and yes there have been some marvellous advances in medical science, as for the advances of our knowledge, I don’t think so.

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley


Fresh air

IT was refreshing to read the views of S Hall and M Sealey in last week’s letters. So much better than some of the one dimensional apologetics one has read in the past.

S Hall nailed it with regard to the intolerance of the few. If only more members of the faith community were like M Sealey.

I must take issue with one point however. Since faith is defined as belief despite a lack of evidence, and since Science is empirical, based on observation or experience, then clearly the scientific method owes nothing to faith.

Finally, please let’s hear more from P Thomas. I wouldn’t miss his take on the Faith Matters column for the world.

T Gibson via e-mail


Singled out

STEVE Hall wants to silence Christians while reserving the right to set forth his own views (Letters). He accuses us of ‘showing a lack of respect and tolerance for someone else’s beliefs’ but he shows little respect or tolerance for those who believe that the Bible is the Holy Word of God.

Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, has cogently pointed out that in Britain Christians are being singled out for their beliefs and practice.

They are not being allowed to get on with their lives.

The national press has reported that some have lost their jobs and others have been harassed because they refuse to disobey the teaching of the Bible or to violate their conscience.

Alec Taylor

(Chelmsley Wood Reformed Baptist Church)


Best choice

AS a Labour supporter who recognises locally we cannot win I believe the Solihull May General Election contest between our excellent Lib/Dem MP Lorely Burt and ‘sugar daddy’ Belize tax haven ‘non dom’ millionaire Lord Ashcroft financed Tory aspirant Maggie Throup, is financially and morally most unfair.

Lorely has proved herself ten times better than lethargic previous Tory MP John Taylor.

Yes Maggie (like all of us including Lorely) wants to help save our hospital but her pamphlets with which we are bombarded weekly, falsely implies she alone merits praise.

Lorely deserves to be re-elected and the last thing I want is a nasty Tory government which has no policies except vicious slashing which will kill the recovery stone dead.

Don Bargery

Alston Road, Solihull


False promise

I remember the 70s and 80s quite clearly and what stands out the most was the way citizens were encouraged to live beyond their means.

‘Buy your council house’, get credit and fill your house with things you can barely afford on hire purchase.

All ideas that were cultivated by the Conservative Government in power, then these poor people were left as interest rates rocketed, and homes were repossessed.

Depression, marriage breakups were common. Don’t people realise that we’re now paying the price for this Yuppy lifestyle? Clare Shipway via e-mail

Do the sums

THE latest Council Tax information for 2010 - 2011 has now been received by residents in the borough. I noted from page 13 that capital expenditure this year is planned at £48.3 million.

Since this amount is greater than any of the day to day services segments in the pie chart on the previous page, one might expect that there is an analysis of project expenditure or a balance sheet that enables council tax payers to understand where it is going to?

At the top of page 13 the staff employed by Council is now given as 6,541 including 4,082 listed as ‘Other’.

The comparatives for the preceding year were 5,102 and ‘Other’ was 3,158.

This is an increase in the latter of 29 per cent. This is a significant and would normally merit some comment?

Through the offices of your paper do you think we can obtain an explanation of this or am I missing a point?

Keith Potts

Knowle, solihull


Cuts for all

THERE will be cuts in local services. Will there be cuts in councillors incomes?

Harry Scharf

Ulverley Green Road, Solihull



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