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No room

Your correspondents supporting the Sainsbury application seem to do so while ignoring the problems that such a huge store will bring to the village.

Your correspondents supporting the Sainsbury application seem to do so while ignoring the problems that such a huge store will bring to the village.

The parking facilities suggested are woefully inadequate. Where are Sainsbury employees going to park? They will take up a minimum of 50 parking spaces and very likely many more.

I would remind pro-Sainsbury supporters that parking in the village is already a problem.

I am not against Sainsbury coming to Dorridge (and I am not a member of Drovs)- but I wonder if anyone has given any serious thought to the real practicalities and problems that a store of this size will bring to a small community with parking already bursting at the seams.

David Grant via e-mail


Smaller please

As a long time resident of Dorridge, I would like to say that I am in broad support of a revitalised Dorridge and for Sainsburys to develop Forest Court. However, I have some sincere reservations having seen the revised proposals.

I wish to see Sainsbury’s successful in their revitalisation of the town centre, but feel that this can be achieved with alternative smaller scale plans that would not harm the community spirit that is at the centre of Dorridge and allow smaller independent traders still to continue to be successful . I would be disappointed if the centre of Dorridge became corporatised into a destination akin to what could be termed “Sainsburyland”.

Mr Bird, Dorridge resident



As a resident who’s in favour of a Dorridge-sized development here as opposed to Sainsbury’s town-centre sized plans, I’m incensed by the inaccurate headline that you ran as your front-page story last week. Read the article and you’ll find that people in Dorridge are not in fact giving a cautious welcome to Sainsbury’s plans.

Of the seven comments published, four expressed concerns over the store size, traffic and parking issues. Of the three in favour, two were from people living way outside Dorridge.

Perhaps your reporter wrote her headline before listening to what local people had to say. Could it be that the Solihull News is less interested in investigative journalism than it is in advertising revenues from retailers like Sainsbury’s?

Name and address withheld

(Our reporters spoke to many more people than seven, however it was interesting to note that the majority of those in favour of the proposal were reluctant to be photographed or to even give their names for publication - Ed)


Still time

REGARDING Sainsbury’s in Dorridge, if you have already signed the Doctors’ Petition but are maybe having second thoughts - thinking, as I do, that a smaller supermarket would be better, there’s every reason why you should respond to the neighbour notification you will have received from Solihull Council to say that you are opposed to this proposal.

That is the correct way to express your view; it is completely confidential and if enough people do so it will carry great weight with the planning committee. (instructions on how to respond are given on the notification or phone Julia Sykes on 0121 704 6378).

Michael Harper, Dorridge


Just say no

I am in favour of moving with the times and welcome Sainsbury’s to Dorridge but not at the size that they propose. Yes I think that the surgery is far better being independent to Sainsbury’s and therefore the expansion is good, but we do not need to say “yes” to implement this.

Mrs C M Hawe, Dorridge resident


Roll on Asda

HOORAY, hooray Asda and Parkgate have won the day, a brilliant result roll on 2013, Shirley will come back to life.

May I ask MP Lorely Burt what small businesses she is referring to, that are so worrying to her, I for one can’t think of any that will suffer from the scheme.

I also believe the campaigners against the scheme have helped in Shirley’s decline by prolonging the building of Parkgate.

They alone are to blame for the council having to face the mega costs incurred by forcing the planners to go to government to get closure on this scheme.

Mr & Mrs Greatrex, Shirley residents


The next one

Well done to our council and planners for bringing Shirley into the 21st Century and welcome to Always Direct Shrewd Agreeable.

ASDA yeh!

Sorry messrs D Bargery, J Greaves, J Bramham, H Scharf, C Birks, C Darwin, S T Vaughan, S Hall.etc.etc.etc.Me thinks thou dost protest too much! It seems that you all bit off more than you could chew. Can I have a chuckle to myself, (ha ha). Sorry, never mind boys you can always try and stop the HS2.

God Bless You All

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley



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