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JOSIE Herbert, the chair of the political party, SAMRA, criticised the MP for Meriden in ‘Letters’ last week (Solihull News) regarding her support for High Speed Rail 2.

JOSIE Herbert, the chair of the political party, SAMRA, criticised the MP for Meriden in ‘Letters’ last week (Solihull News) regarding her support for High Speed Rail 2.

The new rail link is designed to bring enormous economic benefit to the West Midlands and to the whole country, so of course Mrs Spelman must support it along with most citizens, whilst also trying to help any of her constituents who find their homes blighted.

Ms Herbert also imagines Hampton-in-Arden’s residents being appalled by the thought of the new line. She may not realise it but the main rail line already goes through the centre of the village and many residents moved to Hampton because of the line and the station where you could get the fast train direct to London and Manchester, until Birmingham International was built.

If the new line is built Hampton residents will be able to walk or cycle to the new station very easily to get direct to London, Heathrow and the Continent, and there should be no extra traffic through the village. As all the trains will stop at Birmingham Interchange they will be going no faster than on the existing line, and much further away from the residents, many people think that there will be a house price boom, not a blight.

The residents have been served by The Hampton Society for the last 50 years and we have organised a Village Meeting on September 1 when residents will hear the latest information on the project from Mrs Spelman and an independent rail expert. We are also gathering as much information and consulting with others affected by HS2 before deciding whether to back or oppose it. The Society does not need any help from a political party who received fewer votes in the whole of the Meriden Constituency (658) than the Society has members in Hampton!

Graham Juniper

chairman, Hampton-in-Arden Society.


Carbon case

YOU recently reported that local MP Caroline Spelman has backed the new High Speed rail line (HS2) as a ‘green answer to the damage short haul flights and car travel are doing to the atmosphere’.

I would like to point out that this is factually incorrect, the “HS2 Demand Model Analysis” published by the HS2 company clearly states that HS2 has no significant impact on carbon emissions. I quote from section 10.6. “HS2 is unlikely to have a significant impact on overall emissions from transport.”

This uncertainty resulted in the value of carbon emissions not being quantified in the business case.

However, the situation is worse than this, as far as I can see the assessment has not considered the carbon emissions from construction of HS2, nor the potential growth of electric vehicles by 2026.

MPs should stop stating platitudes and look at the published facts - facts published by the HS2 assessment itself, not protesters.

Darrin Hill

Burton Green


Cash point

WE were told that the roots of our present economic difficulties were due to the greed and recklessness of the banking fraternity.

Now we are told that the goverment needed to borrow large amounts, adding up to a debt of £180 billion. Who lent us this money?

It must have come from somewhere. Could it be that some banks somewhere were unaffected, or are we simply borrowing back our own money with added interest? Who do we owe it all to?

Can any reader explain it?

Raymond Pegg

Peterbrook Road

Solihull Lodge


Band blunder

THERE are 108 houses in Woodrow Crescent Knowle. At the beginning of the year 22 were banded F and the remainder 86 were banded E. There are now five Banded F and 103 Banded E. Does this raise any questions.

Cliff Morrey, Knowle


Make it life

WHY only banned from keeping animals for ten years? (Front page Solihull News June 18).

It should be for life after causing suffering to innocent animals. There should be stricter rules for the likes of such ‘inhuman’ beings, we are too lenient in this country. Let the punishment fit the crime.

J Greaves

Stonor Road, Hall Green


Garden delight

IT WAS a delight to see the garden ‘Alice in Biodiversity Land’ when I visited the NEC ‘BBC Gardeners World Live’.

It was encouraging to speak to the young people from Archbishop Grimshaw Catholic School, Smiths Wood Sports College ,Grace Academy and Kingshurst Academy who had helped to make it and Trish Willetts, Environment Champion co-ordinator who co-ordinated the garden’s creation.

Well done to all involved.

Carol Linfield

Friends of the Earth



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