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No to market

WHAT is this obsession with German markets, can’t we have an English one?

WHAT is this obsession with German markets, can’t we have an English one? We do know how to celebrate Christmas just as well as the Germans do. In fact, there are quite a few people who are heartily sick of German markets. Please don’t do it.

A Smith, via e-mail


German bread

WE would like to say we are very pleased to see that the Christmas market has been given the go-ahead. We have been to several Christmas markets abroad, mainly Germany, and always wanted to have them here in the Midlands. We can definitely say we shall visit and hopefully get our German bread, which is a must for us.

Gordon and Dorothy Hadley, Malvern Court, Solihull


Buy British

LOCAL retailers are already having a thin time of it so why, oh why are we bringing in even more competition - a German market?

I thought we were urged to ‘buy British’.

Jill C, via e-mail


Backing Britain

HERE we go again. At a time of economic fragility with the threat of the closure of the Jaguar Land Rover Plant and the loss of thousands of jobs, what does the council propose to do - hold a German Christmas market!

The shopkeepers of Solihull could be hit immeasurably if the plant does close and I am sure many of them would welcome the chance to hold a British Christmas market to boost their income. I might be on my own but, I’m backing Britain.

Eric Ingram, Burnthurst Crescent, Shirley



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