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No to Waitrose

I WISH to express my opposition to the present Waitrose supermarket proposals for Knowle village centre

I WISH to express my opposition to the present Waitrose supermarket proposals for Knowle village centre

These proposals Waitrose mistakenly claim will enhance our village centre.

Their ill-thought out traffic proposals for parking and misguided delivery arrangements are a recipe for chaos.

There seems to have been very little consideration to the impact on the church, Red Lion and Guild House all listed buildings in the Knowle conservation area.

The proposed destruction of the village hall and its replacement with a supermarket whose size will be overbearing and far too dominant for our village centre.

The proposals to demolish perfectly good OAP bungalows that have just been refurbished is unacceptable as they will turn our village centre into a commercial centre and eventually the surrounding small shops will be put out of business.

I am sure Waitrose would be a worthy addition to our village.but at a proper location and of suitable size.

Jeff Potts Councillor Knowle Ward


The best shop

I AM upset that H L Owen, Ironmonger of 42 Station Road, Solihull may have to close owing to the dearth of customers and increasing overheads.

I and my family have dealt with Owens for over 70 years. The variety of stock is phenomenal, served by knowledgeable and helpful staff. One doesn’t have to buy larger quantities than one needs.

This is how shops used to be before the advent of supermarkets.

It is the best shop in Solihull.

M E Scull

Ladbrook Road, Solihull


Save Owens

I FELT I had to respond to June Rush’s letter (Solihull News) about Owens shop.

I was born in Solihull and my family and I have been customers when they were trading in the High Street, a most useful shop, well stocked and if by any chance they hadn’t got what you wanted it was soon obtained for you by pleasant and helpful staff.

I am in full agreement that it would be a pity if Solihull were to lose the last of the old well known traders who have served the community so well over the years.

I hope the good people of Solihull will give that extra support to keep this individual shop.

J Bragg



Our shame

Before one gets too sanctimonious about the interception of a ship bound for Gaza by the Israeli Navy, one should bear in mind the action of the Royal Navy when it intercepted the SS Exodus 1947 outside the territorial waters of the then mandated Palestine, returning holocaust survivors to detention in Cyprus. When is Israel going to get a fair press?


Leonard Rosten

Poolfield Drive, Solihull


A public tip

THE refuse collectors came this morning to empty the wheelie bins. There were black sacks dumped on the floor too.

They emptied the wheelie bins and left the sacks outside the rear of our property. I phoned Solihull Connect and they said that the refuse collectors are no longer allowed to collect black sacks.

Now we have to put up with bags of rubbish festering outside our property. Why should we have to put up with the stink of other people’s refuse fly-tipped outside the rear of our home? I blame the Solihull Connect for turning our property into an official council tip.

Harry, via e-mail


Sack the lot

REGARDING BA cabin crew strikes. If I were the management I would dismiss them and recruit from other airlines. I am sure they would be highly delighted with their increased income and the very many perks.

Ray Dyke

Leafield Road, Solihull


Thanks, Peter

BECAUSE of the change from Conservative to Liberal/Labour control of Solihull Council, Cllr Peter Hogarth has been replaced as chairman of the licensing sub-committee which deals with black cab and private hire issues.

I, like many black cab drivers in Solihull, appreciates all the efforts that Councillor Hogarth has put in over the last few years.

He has played a significant part in establishing taxi marshalls and also much improved ranking on Thursdays to Sundays. Even up to last Monday he attended a meeting with officers of the council to get agreement with either National Rail or Centro to have a permanent rank for black cabs at Solihull station.

We hope this materialises.

Paul Herron

Cornyx Lane, Solihull


Do not disturb

AT around 10pm on Friday and again at the same time the following evening, residents in Monkspath were subjected to a series of loud bangs that must have disturbed many people. Apparently, someone was detonating fireworks that are quite inappropriate for residential areas.

Please can people be more considerate.

Name and address supplied


A new start

RE: New Heart of Shirley: The Asda project (Letters) clearly is responsible for the closures of the Bank of Ireland, the Co-operative Shop’n Save and smaller businesses which were scheduled for compulsory purchase to make way for the grandiose scheme.

Now that Asda has bought 193 Netto stores, to avoid the hassle of new building and planning permission, will the derelict space be used for a better purpose?

The new council could play a valuable role in the area.

Shirley High Street - which is still a pleasant, happy, busy place – could benefit from firm regulation of rents. An influx of residents from well-designed new housing and re-occupied former PowerGen offices would bring additional custom.

A Haydock, Shirley



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