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Not acceptable

I am appalled by Solihull Council’s arbitrary and conflicting decisions regarding recent ‘disruption’ due to the snow.

I am appalled by Solihull Council’s arbitrary and conflicting decisions regarding recent ‘disruption’ due to the snow.

On Wednesday January 6 they sensibly closed all schools due to the snow. However, on the 7th the schools were all open with the expectation that teachers and other school workers would get into work and that parents and children would have to negotiate the predominantly untreated roads and footpaths.

But on this same date they totally abandoned refuse collections throughout the borough. So, on the day that a predominantly female labour force, in primary schools in particular, and predominantly female parents and their young children had no choice but to battle through the uncleared snow, the big and burly refuse collectors in their multi-ton wagons could not be expected to do the same. Shame on the Council and shame on the workers for such a decision.

For those of us living on roads that are never gritted that also meant the expected collections on Friday 8th were also unilaterally cancelled as refuse crews were only expected to work on gritted roads.

So, are workers at Council sites, such as schools, excused attendance as it is “too unsafe” to get there if the service roads are uncleared?

Are parents entitled to request their children’s absence from school be considered as official absences since it is too dangerous to use these roads? If they are too dangerous for the refuse vehicles and the workers then surely they are too dangerous for the rest of the community?

As this letter is written (12th) the council are again warning that collections may not continue if the current poor weather continues. How can this be justified? In our road we have not had a glass collection since December 18.

All residents in Solihull pay the same for their services but it seems that many are not getting the service they pay for as the Council’s non-delivery of one service then results in the non-delivery of another service; this is just not acceptable.

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Useless council

I have phoned on numerous occasions as to why the Stratford Road is like a skid pan, I phoned up again today response: “It’s now the Government’s fault”

We have approx 60 pensioners on our Woodlands estate.

SMBC council expect the kids to get to school and risk breaking a bone yet can’t grit properly, and also how come the kids can get to school and pensioners to the shops yet big beefy men can’t get out to collect our rubbish in large lorries?

Birmingham council have collected rubbish and have a good gritting strategy . What has happened to our once good council?

By the way forecast yesterday = snow, schools open = yes, children struggling to school = yes, OAPs struggling to shops = yes, hospitals inundated with snow injuries = yes,

gritting around school roads and areas of high OAPs = nil, rubbish collection = most likely NO, possible blame = Government, Local Government = Useless

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Gritting fiasco

No gritting! Why with the amount of council tax we pay in Solihull are we not better prepared?

All the roads around Knowle and Dorridge are dangerous. Tuesday every road was covered in sheet ice especially by the schools!

No one has had the thought of gritting the car park entrance on Avenue road and Forest Court, the hill down to the car park is sheet ice and who uses this most? the elderly and the infirm to access the chemist, then everyone complains when the hospitals are all full with people with broken limbs and so forth! Bins haven’t been emptied for two weeks, why?

Schools close at the first sight of snow to massive inconvenience to parents and carers while everyone else soldiers on. This generation of children will suffer for this when they are thrown into the real world!What has happened to this country?

S Webb via e-mail



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