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Not enough parking

I WRITE after the article, ‘Cautious yes to superstore plan’ (Solihull News).

I WRITE after the article, ‘Cautious yes to superstore plan’ (Solihull News). There is no argument that local residents want a Sainsbury’s store. I am amazed that your straw poll gave such a favourable result. The article states that there will be 175 parking spaces but omits that there are 88 spaces in Forest Court already. So the new store, almost the size of Morrisons Solihull, will only provide an additional 87 spaces.

With a turnover of £23m the new store will see an average of 260 car movements per hour and at peak times 300-400 cars can be expected.

Is this what your straw poll residents were told when they gave your reporters the thumbs up?

Supermarkets of the size planned here are not normally surrounded by residential housing. Try thinking of how local residents lives might be affected by all this.

The Knowle Society, Arden school chairman of governors and Dorridge Infants and Junior School have all raised objections to the Sainsbury’s application, the latter two on grounds of child safety.

I am sure pensioners are enthusiastic about revitalising Forest Court with a brand new food store but when they have to walk the entire length of a town sized store, umpteen times to fill their basket they might wish that we were having something the size of Tesco Knowle instead.

Bryan Hunt, Arden Drive, Dorridge


Cats mislaid

WE have two cats who have either been lost or mislaid by their owners and who would dearly love to be returned to their homes.

One is a thick coated black and white cat who was found in and around Longdon Road in Knowle and the other is a neutered ginger male with small areas around the neck of white who is probably 8+ found around Tythe Barn lane. Neither appear to be micro chipped.

If anyone thinks they belong to them or know their owners please contact Margaret Cliff of Voluntary Animal Rescue on 01564742515 who can them put them in touch with their foster carers.

Mrs Margaret Cliff, Voluntary Animal Rescue


Do your homework

I TAKE issue with John Brabham, Harry M Scharf, Chris Arnold and other recent contributors to letters.

Don’t blame Christianity for today’s evils and troubles. It teachers peace and love. Christianity is for sinners.

We Christians are sinners and so often do wrong despite our professed beliefs. That doesn’t make Christianity wrong and it doesn’t make us give up on our faith.

It is no coincidence that together Christian agencies are one of the biggest single sources of aid to sufferers around the world.

It is no coincidence either that when over one million Christian young people descended on Madrid in August for World Youth Day the result was not a week of riots but of joy, reverence and hope for the future.

There is a direct teaching line from Jesus, who taught his disciples, down through their successors to us. This is why we try to share this love with others and why we can have belief and faith in Him. Anyway, who else should we put our trust in? A government? The big brains who control big business and the worlds finances? The super-intelligent scientists who happily devised the bomb, want to clone human beings and promise to do away with death within a lifetime?

Christianity is for the love and benefit of all. We trust in Jesus.

Perhaps before publicly criticising Christianity again, you try to find out a little about it from your local church, or an ‘Alpha-Course’ for example or one of the millions of our neighbours trying hard to live good Christian lives.

W Gibbs, Byfield Place, Windmill Lane, Balsall Common



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