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Not good enough

I HAVE just read your report on the snow reaction meeting by Solihull Council, I work for a food company in Willenhall, where I am involved in the distribution and transport side of the business, our vehicles range from 18 tonne to 26 tonne.

I HAVE just read your report on the snow reaction meeting by Solihull Council, I work for a food company in Willenhall, where I am involved in the distribution and transport side of the business, our vehicles range from 18 tonne to 26 tonne.

All our vehicles and drivers managed to deliver all over the country including Scotland, even our depot in Basingstoke which was hit with extremely bad snow managed to complete their deliveries on time and return safely.

To say Solihull Council managed well is pathetic, come on it’s 2010 now with the amount of council tax we have to pay surely to get this right. I am sure the drivers got paid for sitting around doing nothing.

Mr Angry



Here’s to Sue

WITH all that is going on with the Maternity Services in Solihull, the moms-to-be in the borough cannot be feeling very well reassured.

Pregnancy is an anxious time, having just been through it myself. I wanted to share with you, that despite the failures of the local NHS Trust, our borough does still benefit from amazing people, dedicated to helping the moms-to-be.

One of them is Sue Proser, a doula and pregnancy yoga instructor, with a God-given gift to breathe strength and confidence in women.

Sue’s support and instruction were the single best preparation for my birthing experience.

My single greatest moment was when I heard my baby’s first cry. Sue, I will be forever in your debt!

Ralitza Gilbert



Happy wheels

THE wheels on the bus go round and round. We all know the situation change. The 41 was well used I know because I rode on that route to work to Solihull for years and my last child to her primary school.

I live slap bang in the middle of the 41, 31, 3, 2, 6 and now 3, 3A bus route.

I could not believe I saw the 31 bus happily going along, was it a mistake? I had to look twice! As that was the bus I use to catch 30 years ago to big school, the other way, it seems odd it’s gone up in routes. Posh.

Even though buses come and go I hope the no 40 is kept on, the no 41 was complained about but it was a service. I am glad my last child is able to walk to school.

H Bibb

Hall Green


Litter shame

I AGREE with the American person who referred to the litter in Solihull (Letters). On walks around the borough, especially on pavements near the schools and colleges, I am disgusted at how much litter is about.

Not all people - old or young - drop litter, but why must our environment be spoiled by lazy ones? The greenery near the car parks by Sainsbury’s and Toys R Us, Marshall Lake is always full of rubbish.

When the Solihull in Bloom contest comes around, the flowers always look lovely in the summer, but I’m afraid that Solihull, once a clean town, is beginning to look decidedly down market.

Even when I walk into my bank or building society I find litter has been walked or blown inside. The bus stop areas are awful.I feel ashamed that it has taken a visitor/new resident to point out how untidy some of our citizens are.


Solihull resident


Shops needed

I TOTALLY agree with the letter from J Jones. Having lived in the Shirley area some 45 years I’ve seen the shopping area go downhill.

We urgently need Asda, Wilkinsons, Peacocks etc. No more charity shops and building societies before there’s no life left in Shirley.

Mrs Pybent

Cheswick Green


The best for all

I HAVE sent this letter to Solihull Council: I am writing as the owner/partner of two businesses in Dorridge, one operating from home and the other from Forest Court. I have also lived in Dorridge for 13 years.

Something needs to be done to the centre of Dorridge and after examining the proposals from Sainsbury’s it looks like that is the best option that will help the village centre.

Due to the run-down nature of Forest Court it is fast becoming a ghost centre. Our business is suffering badly at this moment and the decline cannot wholly be laid at the door of a recession or the weather.

The plan from Sainsbury’s is to regenerate the area currently occupied by Forest Court and its car park. The current tenants will be relocated, where possible, to the local area – we have been offered a spot on Station Approach.

From our point-of-view they have bent-over-backwards to make this process work for us. As I understand it, any issues raised by other tenants have been addressed by Sainsbury’s.

Building a new Sainsbury’s will create 200+ new jobs.

The existing empty premises around the square will also soon be populated. The new businesses that will be drawn to the Village Centre will also result in a more diverse work-force.

If Waitrose appears in Knowle and no supermarket is built in Dorridge, it will be the death knell for Dorridge centre.

In my opinion, the plans put forward by Sainsbury’s for the regeneration of the local area and to build a supermarket where Forest Court currently resides, is the best solution for an area that needs something.

Neil Charrington.

C A Software Systems & Karma Beauty & Holistic Therapies.



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