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Olton man hit with £56 demand for going 27p over limit

A BANK which charged £56 for going 27p over an overdraft limit have left an Olton man fuming with rage.

A BANK which charged £56 for going 27p over an overdraft limit have left an Olton man fuming with rage.

Unemployed Andy Nunn, 43, said he went over his overdraft limit by accident when a bill was taken out of his NatWest account.

But he was stunned when he was told that it would cost him £28 in bank charges.

But by the time he had received the letter and called the bank to ask about it he found the charge had been doubled to £56.

The bank said it was because he went over his limit in July, but it still hadn’t been paid off by August incurring another £28 charge.

“I’m seriously being left in a situation where I might not have any food to eat for the next two weeks until this is sorted,” said Andy, who only receives £118 a fortnight in benefits.

“I’m trying to get in touch with the DSS because if they pay my money into the account now then half of it will be swallowed up by the charges straight away. That will leave me in real trouble because it will mean that I won’t have enough money to pay my other bills. I’ve got a credit card with NatWest and the minimum repayment on that this month will £55 on its own.”

Andy, who lives with and cares for his 77-year-old father, said: “There’s a possibility I might be able to borrow some money from a friend to tide me over but there’s no guarantee. I can’t believe this has happened. It’s left me so stressed out that I’ve hardly been able to sleep for worry.

“I’m absolutely disgusted with the bank. I could understand them charging me that amount if I was £100 over my limit but not for a few pence. It wasn’t like I was going to the cash machine and withdrawing money until I was over the limit. It wasn’t something that I meant to do.”

A spokesman for NatWest said: “When a customer exceeds an agreed overdraft facility, this unarranged borrowing situation will incur a charge.

“We have always maintained there is no need for a customer to get into an unarranged borrowing situation. We encourage customers to contact us to agree any borrowing in advance. We make arranging an overdraft facility simple, straightforward and free.

“Customers can call us, apply on-line or visit any one of our branches at a time that suits them, to discuss any borrowing requirements.”

Banks have courted controversy in recent months over whether their overdraft charges are reasonable, with many customers taking successful legal action to recoup the cost.



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