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On the verge

Yet again, the “wild” verges in the town have just burst into flower e.g.

Yet again, the “wild” verges in the town have just burst into flower e.g. cow parsley, dandelions, when presumably our ‘environmentally-friendly’ council sends out the slashing-and-burning team leaving a swathe of rotting vegetation with no flowers in sight.

They must have a team of yellow-jackets out on regular patrol, as the wild blooms do not (briefly) appear at the same time each year.

Money to burn?

Querulous, School Lane, Solihull

PS What about the bees?


Faith in planning

I feel totally unworthy of the accolade handed out by Ken Meeson in your last issue to the people of Solihull for voting in a Conservative Council. I have never voted Conservative in my life.

However I do have more confidence than Clare of Dorridge (also the same issue) in the planning process, which the new planning committee will direct.

I do not agree with Clare that Sainsbury’s present proposals are for a greatly over-sized store. If local residents are to use Sainsbury’s for their main shop, many of them will be demanding the choice of produce which such a store will bring, and we need the whole shopping precinct to be revitalised.

However I am in agreement on many of the more peripheral albeit important issues that she raises. In particular I see no good reason for eliminating the short dual carriageway in Station Road, a real boon for cars and cycles turning right out of Poplar Road.

The case for a multi-storey car park for Chiltern Railways due to the success of the railway exists now and should be addressed before the Sainsbury’s store is built.

Subjecting adjacent roads to a parking restriction should then direct most rail users to a car park and allow most genuine visitors to houses in those roads to park.

John Bragg, Hanbury Road, Dorridge


Eyesore plea

A despicable individual is fly tipping in his own village. At around 7.30pm on May 16, a white male, aged around 35-40 and wearing a black shirt, was seen by more than one local resident dumping filled black refuse bags in Kerr Lane.

This individual is believed to have previously dumped rubbish in similar locations. If you know who this individual is, please contact Solihull Council Environmental Services on 0121 704 8000. Let’s put a stop to this idiot’s mindless actions.

If you see anyone fly tipping please report it to Solihull Council.

T Smith, Resident


Grow up please

Having parked all day in Ashborough Drive in Monkspath recently, I returned to my car, on which was a little note saying “No parking here - it is not a public car park.”

If I could respond to the anonymous person who left the note, I think you will find that, so long as a car is parked in accordance with the law, which my car was, Ashborough Drive is indeed “a public car park”, like any other public road.

If you are a resident of that road and you wish to prevent other people from parking there, the best way of doing so is to contact the council, rather than leave daft messages. Oh and I did note the folding in of my door mirrors.

Grow up, whoever you are.

David Lee via e-mail


Peoples’ view

I RECEIVED a letter from former Councillor Mike Corser giving an insight of his service to the local community and reiterating his stance of backing the regeneration programme including his so called defence of open spaces.

He chose his own views instead of the overall requests of the locality and this has been proven at the ballot box were he was deposed.

Councillors are there to represent residents.

C Mills, Coleshill Heath Rd, Solihull


A fine mess

fining Network Rail for what Railtrack was responsible for, makes a complete mockery of justice.

Railtrack is now in house and those responsible have walked away scot free, leaving the taxpayers with the bill. of £3 million.

What a topsey turvey legal system we have, and how can it right that when this fine filters through the system it will be the passengers that will pay, and isn’t it ironic that members of the families of those killed will be paying the fine for the company that killed them.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road

Yardley Wood


We all suffer

The vast majority of drivers (say 99 per cent) drive at or just above (up to 5 mph) the speed limit.

This normal level of behaviour only creates a small level of risk to motorists and pedestrians.

The installation of road humps punishes all drivers irrespective of driving habits.

Most humps in the borough cannot be traversed at speeds greater than 15mph without vehicle damage or spinal injuries and have a negligible impact on road safety but increase everyones journey times.

The focus should be on those that cause the main risks, those that drive recklessly and excessively over the speed limit.

They are generally easy to identify but are a small proportion of road users.

Punish those that excessively speed and risk lives then there is no need for road humps.

The only places I would consider road humps are either side of a school entrance where they could regulate short 20mph sections.

Simon, Shirley


On your bike

IT truly is heartening to see so many cyclists out and about on the roads these days.

This morning whilst going to work I saw four or five cyclists flashing past the traffic jams in Hampton Lane as we waited to turn right onto the Solihull Bypass.

In the evenings there are even more, people obviously rushing home and getting out in the fresh air.

Next week I plan to join them - it certainly seems a more fun way to travel.

T Rogers, Rectory Road, Solihull


Full steam ahead

CAN I say I am fed up with the HS2 debate - the entire project is a no brainer - the rail system is already at capacity and we need a network fit for the 21st Century.

As it is we’re the laughing stock of Europe. Let’s stop all the debating and the planning arguments - pay compensation where it is due and let’s get on with building it.

The longer the delay the costlier it will become and this is just the kind of capital project the country needs to re-skill our workforce and get the country working again.

M Williams, Damsonwood



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