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Huge rise in demand for help from food banks

Food banks in Solihull have handed out over 3,500 to those in need in the past year.

Food banks are being handed out in Solihull
Food banks are being handed out in Solihull

OVER 3,500 food parcels have been handed out to Solihull residents in need - including those in the area’s more “affluent” suburbs.

Food banks set up in the borough handed out 3,204 parcels in Solihull last year and a further were doled out this year - between January and May.

Of these 611, 172 have been delivered to people in South Solihull and 178 baby food parcels have been provided.

Volunteers at the two food banks in Solihull - Helping Hands and the Trussell Trust - say the most common reason for requesting a food parcel includes domestic violence, homelessness, stolen money, health risks and benefit sanctions or delays.

Councillor Chris Williams (Green, Chelmsley Wood) said it is often hard for people to accept they need help but the figures show people are ‘reaching out.’

“Quite a shocking number of people were using food banks in Solihull last year,” he said.

“Obviously, people can feel ashamed to not be able to feed themselves so don’t always tell people but it’s increasingly common and very sad indeed.

“I’m only glad people do reach out for support.”

The Renewal Christian Centre in Lode Lane provides emergency assistance to people including food, toiletries and baby items that have been donated by church members, local schools, businesses and the community.

They also operate a drop in food bank at their premises in Walnut Close, Chelmsley Wood.

This service is available every Tuesday between 10am and 12noon.

The Trussell Trust, in Auckland Hall in Smith’s Wood, operates Tuesdays and Fridays from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.



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