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“RESIDENT hit out at store’s car park policy” - Solihull News January 1

“RESIDENT hit out at store’s car park policy” - Solihull News January 1

So - Ms Worsley is angry that Sainsbury’s are to fine people who park inappropriately in spaces reserved for parents with children?

She has the audacity to criticise a responsible and well-meaning company for trying to enforce a policy that is there to benefit a particular section of the community and, no doubt, valued customers.

She does, however, condescend that it’s okay to tackle those who park in disabled spaces - so that’s all right then! Her point about the age at which a child is no longer a child is a spurious and irrelevant argument. We all know who these wide spaces are meant to help - those parents who have to struggle with shopping bags, buggies and babies, toddlers and young kids.

The store has tried to create a facility that would genuinely help those people - and as we all know, these - and disabled spaces - are often filled by selfish, lazy and arrogant shoppers who cannot be bothered to walk a few extra yards.

I think Ms Worsley would be better-off venting her fury at those unscrupulous wheel-clampers who employ dubious tactics and charge extortionate sums for the release of cars.

Or maybe she could spend her time counting the Jeeps, Jags and posh cars that are routinely parked in disabled slots - and maybe should leave Sainsbury’s to continue with their enforcement policy which is long overdue in my opinion! I hope Tescos and others take note!

John Davies,
Neville Road,



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