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Paint rage

AS A famous tennis player once said - ‘you cannot be serious!’

AS A famous tennis player once said - ‘you cannot be serious!’

I would be extremely interested to see the report which said that white lines would go some way towards reducing traffic speeds - which planet are you on? I spoke to the men working on these as I was walking up to Dovehouse and was told that I was not the first resident to make the comment that these would do no good.

I had read recently that these were planned but thought it was a joke to keep some residents quiet. I am now writing to ask how much this has cost and to object to this cost being taken out of my Council Tax as it is a complete waste of money.

Drivers will purely ignore these lines as they do on Grange Road with a large number of drivers going at great speed.

Nothing will happen until someone wraps themselves round a lamppost or goes in to one of the houses on the corner.

Margaret Taggart ( A Monastery Drive resident since 1981)


Dodgy figures

LAST year’s dose of economic realism turned out to be as chilly as the weather.

We can’t afford to send children through university, provide aircraft for aircraft carriers, or grit the roads, yet the Government still pours money into High Speed 2.

How long will it be before the wheels come off this profligate prestige project?

The Minister for Transport, Theresa Villiers, has assured us there’ll be no spare rail capacity left in just seven years time, but what is the basis for this?

Annual totals of passenger miles, copied from Government statistics over the last 30 years, show an annual growth rate of 2.1 per cent. The Government uses a constant annual growth rate of 5.3 per cent to justify the HS2 project.

So which is more likely?

If we “predict and provide” for the Government’s 5.3 per cent annual growth, but actual growth follows the historic trend of 2.1 per cent annually, we’ll have a rail system more than twice as big as it needs to be.

It’s easy to see why there are no private investors in HS2.

Richard Lloyd, chairman, Heart of England High Speed Railway Action Group


Solid figures

MR Lloyd (Letters) indicates his total aversion to facts by trotting out his same old half truths hot air and wind. For his benefit here are a few more facts.

Office of Rail Regulator statistics show nationwide passenger growth of 4.4 per cent over 16 years, doubling in 28 years and the latest quarter growth figures (over 12 months) at 10 per cent. Longer distance traffic growth was even higher.

Network Rail’s survey shows traffic growth London to Manchester at 5.4 per cent, Birmingham 4.7 per cent per annum over the last decade. It forecasts traffic will grow by 4 per cent pa over the next decade. Adding in East Midlands/NE extensions will add more growth making HS2 forecasts very achievable.

Using ‘optimism bias/construction risk’ insures against 50 per cent cost increase and with most expenditure occurring before any income is generated, discounting provides another measure to justify the £1.7 profit for every £1 spent.

Local MPs should ensure they put the nation’s benefit above their own self interest and the noise of a vociferous few.

Anyone with intelligence knows the nation needs HS2. It is the only option to solve long term transport capacity problems and provide a good return in environmental and investment terms. Let’s get on with it.

HT Harvey, B91


Nice work

How much longer are the roadworks in Bickenhill Lane going to take? They seem to be dragging on. The sign in the road works reading ‘Workmen in road - Slow’ ought to be re-phrased ‘Slow workmen in road’ Also, a bus lane has been created; there is a bus every half-hour - effectively the dual carriageway has been reduced to one lane between the airport roundabout and the turn for Marston Green.

John Wood, Alderdale Crescent, Solihull


School days

FLICKING through the Solihull News and seeing Langley Senior School brought back happy memories and sad ones of course.

All of my three children attended there. To me the school was as a parent with values, style, classic, clean, great teachers, heads, mentors, school trips. The teachers were open and friendly. It was a happy school set in wonderful grounds.

So well done Langley - I as a parent remember the school and I recommend it to anyone.

Does anyone remember first year or year 8 wore red sweaters and then as you got to year 11 you got to wear black sweaters, by the time my last child got there it was blazers.

The ethos was excellent. I have a drawer full of photos to remember, even though the kids squirm when I remind them what they used to look like. School days are the best days of your life.

Mrs H Bibb, West Midlands



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