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Parents bother

IN reply to the letter headed 'Stuck in a jam', September 5.

IN reply to the letter headed 'Stuck in a jam', September 5.

I am responding to what sounds like a person who has nothing better to do with their time than moan at parents who want to ensure their children arrive to and from school safely. How dare you?

How old were you when walking to school all on your own? Maybe your parents couldn't be bothered to take you. Times have changed - not that I think you have noticed. I walked around the shops the other day and witnessed a happy slapping attack amongst teenagers and I don't want my children becoming victims of this, not to mention increasing the chances of meeting local paedophiles.

I have two children and they are not at school yet and there is no way they will be walking to school alone or getting a dirty, germ-infested West Midlands Travel bus with people who create danger for others.

I used to work at a secondary school and there were many reports of young students being mugged on the way home from school. I pay road tax, I have insurance and a valid MOT so I shall drive where and when I like and for however long I like.

K Rainey, via e-mail.



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