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Parents to be forced out of home by son

AN ELDERLY couple are being thrown out of their Shirley home of 35 years - by their own son.

AN ELDERLY couple are being thrown out of their Shirley home of 35 years - by their own son.

Margaret, aged 76, and Alfred Steed, aged 79, have lived in Woodloes Road since 1977.

Now the couple, both in ill health, face being forced out of the area after their son Michael announced he needed to sell the property.

“It’s terribly unfortunate,” said Margaret. “Out of the blue we were told this place would have to be sold but we have nowhere near enough money to buy a house.”

The Steeds applied for social housing but were told that there was currently little suitable in the Shirley area. “To think we might have to move away from friends and neighbours is quite sad really,” said Margaret.

“At our age, we didn’t think we’d ever move again.

“It’s disappointing and it has made our health worse than it is already. It’s upset us both.”

Margaret said Michael, who bought their former council house around ten years ago, had fallen into financial difficulties and needed to sell immediately.

“I don’t blame Michael,” she added. “I feel he wouldn’t have done this if he wasn’t desperate. Although it’s very sad for my husband and I, it is his house.

“He bought another house with his partner - and remortgaged this house to buy the other one. Now he can’t afford to keep both houses going.”

However, one of Margaret’s other sons. Tim, said his brother’s decision was tearing the family apart.

“My brother bought the property from the council over ten years ago. Three years ago he decided to rent it to my parents. He has now decided to sell it from under them.

“He is not doing anything to try and rehouse them.

“He said he won’t finalise any sale until they’ve found somewhere but on the other hand, he has told my wife that, if necessary, he would evict my parents.”

When asked for his response, Michael simply told the Solihull News: “I’m the landlord and the owner. If you wish to talk to me again contact my solicitor please.”

Director of Solihull Community Housing, John King, said he ‘sympathised’ with the couple but agreed there were few suitable properties in Shirley and they were working to find the ‘best available solution.’



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