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Parish riposte

The letter published last week from Mr Eames regarding Balsall Parish Council contains a number of errors which need clarifying.

The letter published last week from Mr Eames regarding Balsall Parish Council contains a number of errors which need clarifying.

The Councillors of Balsall Parish Council are very aware of our accountability to the local community.

The proposed precept for 2011/12 is £31.45 (Band D), 10p down on last year (£31.55) and in keeping with the present financial climate - keeping costs down and offering value for money. Our council is proposing a reduction in precept set at £95,000 that will be welcomed by all.

We are using £45,000 of reserves to cover £32,000 of one-off expenses which will not be repeated: a grounds maintenance contract for play areas and parks and a risk assessment programme, to protect the interests of publicly owned assets amongst other things. All this will be publicly available for scrutiny and all the precept meetings have been open to the public. The precept was passed unanimously.

Balsall Parish Council tries to keep costs down and the staffing costs quoted by Mr Eames covers not only salary but all the administration costs including support staff, office expenses and outsourced services.

Our parish council along with Berkswell council supports the work of local youth provision with a grant of £10,000 to fund a youth worker at the Jubilee Centre in the village, an essential facility.

Balsall Parish Council wishes to engage the residents of Chadwick End more fully in the running of the village hall.

The council aims to develop a system of management with residents, which will give autonomy to them to run the hall without it being a burden on the electorate of Balsall Common itself. We believe this is achievable in the same way as the Balsall Common Village Hall and Jubilee Centre are. They are independent and run for the community by the community.

Two of our 12 councillors have resigned this year due to unfortunate personality clashes and a member has been suspended for breaching the Code of Conduct and bringing the council into disrepute. The details are available on the SMBC website. Our council has faced a difficult time recently but is committed to solving these issues with the support of SMBC and dedicated councillors.

Mrs Judy Lea, chairman, Balsall Parish Council


Parking solution

Regarding double yellow lines to be introduced to the Warwick Road near Brueton Park (Solihull News). It doesn’t make sense, you don’t need more double yellow lines; you need to look how these car parks are being used.

Brueton car park visitors, are not all Brueton Park users –but has ramblers, shoppers and part time office workers amongst the cars parking there.

The car park is too small, that’s why there is congestion. It has recently had its £41,000 expansion plan shelved, which is a pity because the ground that was to be used is currently a quagmire. This expansion plan needs to be reinstated.

I use this car park daily (up to two hours), and can say it is at least 50 per cent full, and at weekends 95 per cent full (9-11.30am) at this time of the year.

But where can the park users go when Brueton is full? Use the Malvern car park, no! That’s full with shoppers and part time office workers cars. Okay, let’s go to the sixth form car park, and what do you find? that too is full. Yes, I’ve experienced this problem first hand on more than one occasion!

SMBC have just revised Off Street Parking Places, effective 21-03-2011 –and have identified three hours free parking (a valid three hour free-stay ticket must be displayed) so why not reduce the free parking time from four hours to three in these three car parks, with a three hour free-stay ticket. This then will free up those spaces used by shoppers/part time office workers/students cars.

Incidentally SMBC, laid out a bicycle parking bay last year, I have yet to see a bicycle left there!

Name and address supplied


Rubbish sense

Solihull Council need to find a solution to blocking pavements with wheelie bins. The letter printed last week (Letters) says that wheelie bins not on the kerb will not be collected. Some paths are so narrow that when I went back into the road to avoid a wheelie bin, I nearly got knocked down by a car.

Also when children are off school, some people put their bins out in the morning as they are sometimes pushed into the road or on the ground by unruly youngsters.

Come on Solihull Council, stop punishing people for putting their rubbish out and concentrate on filling in the pot holes that damage everyone’s vehicles on the roads.

Gemma, Solihull


Put it on a lead

To the big bloke who let his white bull terrier savage a goose on the lakeside at Hillfield Park today, Tuesday, at 1.20pm, where is your compassion for animals?

If I had not come along with my two Yorkies (on leads) and shouted at the dog and chased it, the goose would be no more. You just sauntered down from the car park on Hillfield as if nothing was going on.

A lady who was following me with a spaniel (on a lead) asked if I was all right but she could not see his dog splayed on top of the poor bird biting it. The dog let go when I was screaming at it and then laid hold of it again and you, the owner, still was just sauntering down not a bit concerned.

And when the dog ran off and you finally called it, you still did not put it on a lead even after I shouted at you to do so.

No wonder bull terriers are treated with suspicion.

I shall be taking this up with Solihull Environment people as I think in a nature reserve dogs should be kept on leads.

Linda Brown, Devitts Close, Shirley



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