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Park alert

THE revised Shirley Advance/Asda amended Parkgate development is still an unnecessary supermarket joined by a wind swept alley to a few shops.

THE revised Shirley Advance/Asda amended Parkgate development is still an unnecessary supermarket joined by a wind swept alley to a few shops. Built on precious parkland.

In the one mile length of Shirley High Street there are four major supermarkets and three minor ones spaced to provide easy access by car, bus or foot. From these we have always been able to purchase a week’s or more bulk shopping!

The only reason for the Shirley Advance/Asda development is to create a precedence for building on Shirley Park today so they can build on your park tomorrow.

Roger Sayer



Facelift plea

WHEN we go over to Shirley Park the memory of the big slide takes me back 30 years to my childhood and the fact that very little has changed there in that time.

The park has a lot of potential for all ages to enjoy it but it is in desperate need of updating.

As the council has improved most of the other parks around Solihull surely Shirley Park should have been on the list.

I cringe every time my boys climb up the slides which are more like a rock climbing wall than a safe, modern play environment.

The council should not be waiting for money from a redevelopment of the area that seems like it’s never going to happen. They need to decide what is going on as the Stratford Road seems to be nothing but a line of takeaways these days.

Mrs Nicola Bradley



Key questions

Sainsbury’s are circulating a questionnaire to Dorridge households with the objective of obtaining residents’ views on the redevelopment of Forest Court.

DROVS agree with the principle of a questionnaire and hope that this will ‘unlock’ the current impasses i.e the question of the size of the development, the aesthetic considerations and the functional aspects, as summarised by Solihull’s Planning Committee:-

l The size of the proposed food store was excessive.

l The design was not in keeping with the local architecture.

l The car park provision was insufficient and would lead to traffic problems.

L N Sayer

chairman, DROVS


Turn it down

I WENT to the Assembly Rooms late on Saturday evening for a drink and is was dangerously loud. So I put my hearing protectors on as I have done for many years to protect my brain and hearing. The duty manager asked me to remove them. I refused so they would not serve me, so I left thirsty. So much for health and safety.

Ray Dyke

Leafields Road, Solihull


Thank you

I WOULD like to give my sincere thanks to the passsenger on the 51 circular bus (time 3 to 4pm) who gave the driver my handbag which I left on the bus seat. Likewise the driver who refused a reward for returning the bag to me. I do appreciate their honesty.

Mary Laurie

Passenger on 51 route


Modern hero

ON JUNE 26 I had the privilege and pleasure of joining a band of supporters to welcome back an amazing and heroic fund raiser.

Dr Chris Stockdale crossed the finishing line on Tower Bridge, London having completed a 3,594 mile cycle ride round the entire coast of Britain, from were he started out on July 31 last year.

The Macmillan Cancer Support and Breast Group Research Fund will benefit greatly from this effort. I would also like to thank the residents of Burman Road and Burman Close, family and friends for their generous donations when I called to seek their sponsorship.

Regretfully his ride was interrupted by a traffic accident near Carmarthen last November which resulted in a dislocated shoulder, and an obvious postponement until this year but Chris was determined to finish!

So is it not time, having pushed himself to the limit over many years, he is now 66 years old, raised many thousands of pounds for hospitals and charities his efforts were recognised!

Come on Silhillians make this happen.

Geoffrey Wegg via e-mail


Bump alert

IN response to Mr Maines letter re speed bumps Hurdis Road on June 2. As a resident of Middleton Road I have to say the bumps up Hurdis are a nightmare.

As per Mr Maines letter I also put up with the occasional speeder (Middleton has no bumps) however the damage to my car certainly outweighs the benefits and I don’t speed.

When the garage gave me the £600 bill for my suspension their first words were, do you regularly drive across speed bumps? There are other ways to traffic calm and some enforcement wouldn’t go amiss.


Middleton Road



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Multimedia Journalist
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Multimedia Journalist
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